Health Matters Podcast – Review Episode

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Health Matters


Review Episode: Kimberley Payne — Review of first 10 Podcast Episodes

About the Show

This is a special episode as this week we’re going to be celebrating the first 10 episodes with a review of each.

001 – Stephanie Nickel: Eclectically-Interested, Eclectically-Involved

002 – Barb Raveling: The Lies that Make you Eat

003 – Rusty Nokes: The Fusion of Spiritual & Physical Fitness

004 – Rachel Almstedt: Simple Healthy Living

005 – Jennifer Waddle: Prioritize your Life

006 – Brenda Wood: God, Gluttony & You

007 – CJ Hitz: Nurturing Body & Soul

008 – Renee Wiggins: Bouncing Back

009 – John Hayden: What does it mean to be GodFit?

010 – Sabrina Memminger: Awaken your Inner Princess

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This review episode has been brought to you by Fit for Faith – 7 weeks to improved spiritual & physical health.


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