1-2-3 Count Your Blessings With Me

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1-2-3 Count Your Blessings With Me
A 30-day gratitude journal for kids

Do you want to help your children be grateful as they learn to count? Discover these prompts to encourage kids to be thankful.

Are you looking to introduce the concept of thankfulness to a young child? Do you want to teach kids a positive mindset? Have you wanted to help your child notice the good things in their life? Kimberley Payne is a mother and grandmother who believes in cultivating the habit of gratefulness in the next generation.

1-2-3 Count Your Blessings With Me is a journal that introduces numbers 1 through 30 with traceable patterns. Each day contains space to list out six things you are grateful for. By working through this journal, you will not only teach your child to count but also teach them about thankfulness.

In 1-2-3 Count Your Blessings With Me, you and your child will discover:
Simplistic and easy ways for children to count their blessings
Development of numeracy, writing, and fine motor skills
A new appreciation of faith in a real-world context
A habit of thankfulness on a daily basis
A boost to mindfulness and optimism

1-2-3 Count Your Blessings With Me is a journal that reminds children that God is the giver of all good things. If you like books that teach young children to find the good in every day, then you’ll love this journal that focuses on life’s blessings.

Buy 1-2-3 Count Your Blessings With Me to foster a spirit of thankfulness today!

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