ABCs of Gratitude Book Reviews

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What others are saying about ABCs of Gratitude — Giving thanks through the alphabet for your blessings


By Rosa Cline
Received this book as a Good Reads First Reads giveaway for my honest review…This is a very basic quick read. If you need a gentle reminder that God’s love and caring for you pick this book up. The author had her Facebook friends post on a daily basis things they were thankful for as far as blessings. She then compiled them in this book. Listing them under the letter of the alphabet they correspond with. Some are simple things that you think about always but others are things that sometimes people take for granted. After reading it you would start thinking about the many blessings in your life

By Addy Oberlin
It was very simple to understand. The application was indeed very practical for every day life as we experience it.

By Ruth Ann Adams
Kimberley Payne has written an outstanding book about the importance of expressing gratitude on a daily basis. She has done this by providing examples of things to be grateful for, using successive letters of the alphabet. She also includes special quotes. You can personalize the paperback edition by adding your own list of the things you are thankful for, or using a notebook to accompany the electronic version. Purchase a copy of this book for yourself and your family and friends and let gratitude become a daily habit which enriches your life!

By Karebear
Kimberley Payne’s ABC’s of Gratitude is a fantastic, diverse, and refreshing summary of the things we should be thankful for in life. This delightful list of thanksgiving is a gentle reminder to thank God for each and everything! I am going to try the ABC’s of Gratitude on my next road trip for sure. I enjoyed how the book ranged from foods, to pets, feelings, to doctrines, and more. What a mighty God we serve!

By Jo-Anne Upton
It’s beautiful….I love it! A number of times it was ‘yes, right, perfectly said.’  I like the fact that the book has space on the pages for me to write in new appreciations.


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