Feed Your Spirit Book Reviews

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What Others Are Saying About Feed Your Spirit – A Collection of Devotionals on Prayer


Great for Bible Study
By mhwon
A product I desired, and I am well pleased.

Good thoughts on prayer
By Linda
A short book, but thoughtful insights on prayer. Good to read one per day or all at one time. Timely.

Four Stars
By B. Houston
Good book

By Laila M.
This is an easy book to understand. I enjoyed the thoughtful in site and bible verses attached to them. I read it anytime I needed encouragement.

By Yee
Thumb up

By Bill & Carriie Renfroon
Thank You

Encouraging words on the importance of prayer
By Janet Sketchley
Feed Your Spirit is a short collection of devotionals on prayer. Each opens with a Scripture passage, and closes with a quote on prayer. Each devotional is longer than your standard brief daily reading, and explores an aspect of prayer.

One that I most appreciated was the PATH method of prayer (Praise, Admit, Thanksgiving and Help). Topics also cover prayer walking, gratitude, hearing from God, and the question of “what if God’s answer is no?”

My favourite line reminds me that “Just as His mercies are new each day, His plan for me is new each day.” (Kindle location 296)

This collection of devotionals can be read one-a-day, or in one sitting.

By Mary Hosmar
For those who are wanting to or just getting into the habit of prayer, Kimberley J. Payne’s short devotional book is an instructive guide. Kimberley has gathered a number of previously published and new devotionals concerning the question of prayer and put them all together for easy access.

Prayer is not an easy subject to address. Kimberley, by allowing us into her life, has shown how prayer has affected her. By using her own, real-life experiences, she encourages the reader to depend on God for daily guidance and instruction while, at the same time, making it clear that this is a partnership, not a free hand-out. We ask, God hears and then guides us in our actions which often become the answers to our prayers.

I mentioned at the beginning of the review that this was a book of devotionals for beginning prayers. Those who have been praying for a longer time and have had their own experiences with God and prayer may find some of the devotionals a bit simplistic.

Although Kimberley does address some of the questions surrounding prayer, such as “Why isn’t God answering?”, this subject is too complicated and deep to be answered in a few short devotionals. Nevertheless, each devotional contains truths for everyone.
The book can be used as a daily devotional but is short enough to be read at one sitting.

Great for my devotionals each morning
By Amazon Customer

By j.r.on
The author has compiled a series of devotionals that all have the subject of prayer. I think she has some interesting things to say on the subject.

By Bull Frog
My husband has this annoying habit of speaking to me the minute he opens his eyes in the morning. I need a couple of cups of coffee, and a little time to myself, before I’m ready for a conversation. Invariably, he will start talking about a subject that I’m not thinking about, and my first question will be something along the lines of “so what subject are we on?”

Feed Your Spirit: a collection of devotionals on prayer” is a bit like my husband. It doesn’t have an introduction that tells me what to expect. Because it has an author’s name on it, I assumed that it was written by one person. The first story talks about growing up Catholic, and the next is about being a minister’s sister. The next one is from a Fundamentalist point of view, and some of the stories could apply to anyone from any type of church.

So while I found the individual stories to be entertaining and uplifting, it took me a while to figure out just what kind of book this is. There are a lot of books on religion, and each one has a different purpose. Without an introduction, I didn’t know what to expect.
It’s not like one of Joel Olsteen’s books where you can read chapter after chapter if you want, and one story glides into the next, letting the reader continue as long as they want. It’s not like “The Upper Room”, where each devotion is written by a different person, but they all have a uniform length and format: Bible verse, story, prayer, and a short about the author bio. It’s not like a book by theologian that takes one subject and gets deeper into the subject as it goes, like a study or text book, completely discussing the subject from beginning to end.

This book is more like “Guideposts Magazine”. The stories are by different people, from different churches. The lengths differ, the styles differ. Some of them have Bible verses, some of them have famous quotes, and some of them don’t have either. Some of them discuss Biblical meanings and interpretations, and some of them just apply the subject of prayer to one person’s personal experience.

It’s the kind of book you keep in the bathroom or on a nightstand. Read it for fifteen minutes, and set it aside for the next occasion. As such, it’s the type of book that works better as a paperback than a Kindle. An introduction would have let me know that right away, instead of my figuring it out six stories later.

When putting a nonfiction book together, the author should answer “what subject are we on?” just like my husband does in the morning. If there is more than one type of book on this subject, then the author has to let the reader know what to expect. What is this? What am I supposed to do with it? Where did these stories come from? Why did you write this? Why should I trust your opinion?

The book could also be better if it was formatted the same way a daily devotional is. It needs page breaks, standardized headings, and a uniform feel of style. Publishers will often use a standard size, and layout for books by different authors that fall into the same category. Layout and formatting is another way to introduce the book’s purpose to the reader. If it looks the same as another daily devotional, then the reader will be able to tell by the layout and formatting that it is a daily devotional and not a collection of short stories.

By Larry B. Gray
Feed Your Spirit by Kimberley J. Payne is an excellent collection of devotionals on prayer. I totally enjoyed this book and found it very helpful.

I have read a lot of books on prayer and praying but this book is one of the short books on prayer I have found. Kimberley J. Payne did an excellent job of developing the stories and themes of the book. I found them easy to follow and understand.
Most importantly I found the book to be helpful. It will help to build and make my prayer life more real.

I really enjoyed Feed Your Spirit by Kimberley J. Payne and I highly recommend this book.

By Karen L
I really enjoyed the devotional – thanks again for sending it to me. I used it as a spiritual checklist for my prayer life and appreciated your vulnerability and the examples and symbols you provided within it.

By Sheila S.
Just read through this wonderfully simple book. Without schedules and complicated formulas, Kimberley invites us into her world, where we look at lessons she has learned through all-too-common everyday experiences These have shaped and expanded her prayer life, and are so easy to relate to that this read cannot help but be of benefit.

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