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What Others Are Saying About Flex Your Spirit – Discover a new way to express yourself with God through journal writing and stretching


Flex Your Spirit by Kimberley Payne
By Violet Nesdoly
In Flex Your Spirit—Discover a New Way to Express Yourself with God Through Journal Writing and Stretching, author and lifestyle coach Kimberley Payne promises to “…unite physical and spiritual health to help you lose weight and develop a deeper relationship with God” – Flex Your Spirit, p. 5.

She explains how this can happen in three sections of the book. Chapters 1-3 deal with physical stretching. Chapter 1 (“Stretch Your Body”) answers the question what are stretching exercises, lists their benefits, and explains how they differ from warm-ups. Chapter 2 (“Stretching Strategies that Work”) describes how to get the most out of stretch exercises (though it doesn’t give details on specific exercises). Chapter 3 (“Stretching Goal Planning”) lists five questions to ask ourselves as we set exercise goals.

In the second section (Chapters 4-6) Payne talks about spiritual journaling, something she suggests will benefit us spiritually in the same way physical stretches help our body. In Chapter 4 (“Stretch Your Spirit”) she describes what journaling is and how it equates to stretches. Chapter 5 (“Journal Writing Strategies that Work”) and Chapter 6 (“Journal Writing Goal Planning”) list journaling tips and suggest journaling goals.
The third section (Chapter 7-8) is a review of all that we’ve learned (Ch. 7 – “Test Your Knowledge”) and (Ch. 8) an “Action Plan” of how to actually fit regular stretches and journaling into our lifestyle.

This book is short—only 24 pages of content. But in that small amount of space Payne manages to say plenty. Her writing is always easy to understand. With efficient simplicity, she dispenses information, encouragement, and inspiration. The examples and worksheets she includes show us how to move forward with the “Flex Your Spirit” program.

This little booklet would be an excellent manual for women’s groups, whose goal it is to develop more than just a toned body. It would also be a great addition to any personal library, and a fine companion to that list of New Year’s Resolutions we re-construct yearly.

I received Flex Your Spirit as a gift from the author for the purpose of writing a review. Visit Kimberley Payne’s website to see other lifestyle materials Kimberley has authored and is offering as books, e-courses, and free programs.

Make time for your physical and spiritual health
By Carol Ann
Kimberley Payne has written a short but informative book to help readers learn to unite their physical health and spiritual health in order to lose weight and develop a deeper relationship with God. Kimberley’s book is designed to incorporate stretching exercises and journal writing into your daily routine. I am an avid journaler but I had never thought to connect the two. Through scripture, practical instruction, the benefits, goal stetting, questions and quizzes, the author encourages the reader to meld the physical with the spiritual in a practical way. We live in a busy world but if we don’t make time for our physical and spiritual health, we will not live the joy-filled life God has planned for His followers.

Tubby or not tubby? Faith helps us answer
By Elma Schemenauer
This book discusses losing weight and developing a deeper relationship with God.
It connects physical and spiritual health. Stretching exercise is an example of the first. Journal writing is an example of the second.

I found the following comment particularly meaningful: “When you write in a journal, you are listening for God. God reveals himself to provide solutions or ideas, but most often peace.”

As in other books in this series, there are multiple-choice questions to help you test your learning.

Stretch and Be Renewed!
By Glynis Belec
“Stretching is to your body what journal writing is to your spirit. ,” says Kimberley Payne in her recent book – Flex Your Spirit. It’s a small but mighty book that connects the two – stretching the body and stretching the spirit through journalling. As I was reading Flex Your Spirit, I was thinking how good this book would be to have and use in a workshop/group setting. I think some of the content could stimulate some great conversation. In Flex Your Spirit, there are opportunities for the reader to think and write down ideas and approaches and then all is summed up with an overview or test (with answers!) A good, quick read with the potential to help people make some good positive changes.

Good encouragement for physical and spiritual health
by Lisa J. Lickel
Part of the Fit for Faith series, this small book is for physical and spiritual health to help develop a deeper relationship with God, lose weight and develop healthier eating habits through stretching exercises and journaling.

Using scripture from I Timothy 4:8, the author lays out the guiding principle behind staying healthy for added energy and for honoring God.
The author lets us know that stretching exercise is not the same as warming up before a series of strenuous exercises, that it’s a good regimen to keep our muscles in shape, especially if we have sedentary work or lifestyles. The benefits of these exercises are numerous and reduce stress and risk of injury.

The book includes reminders to make sure you’re cleared by your doctor to do a physical routine, as well as space to write down personal goals. While the authors offers advice about flexing your muscles, there is no specific exercises to practice. This is a guide for encouragement, not a “how to” book.

The author combines flexing your physical body with your spiritual self. Keeping a journal helps keep us on task by being honest and real, and is a good outlet for our feelings, goals and prayers. There are also write-in spaces for journal-writing goals.

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