Food for Thought Book Reviews

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What Others Are Saying About Food for Thought – Find Out How to Nourish Your Body & Spirit Through Healthy Eating and Bible Study


Find out how to nourish your body and spirit through healthy eating and Bible study
By Lisa J. Lickel
Gain insight into incorporating healthy eating and reading time into your daily routine.
The author shares the similarities between feeding your body and soul with the ultimate goal of honoring and pleasing God.

Using Scripture from Genesis 1:29, the author shows the reader that God ordained eating. Eating does not have to be an elaborate and time-consuming complicated ritual. Chapter two contains fourteen easy strategies to help vary and teach your mind and body about ways to eat healthy; ideas such as not eating the same food within four days and giving your brain twenty minutes to catch up with your full stomach, drinking plenty of water and keeping a food diary.

This book in the author’s Fit for Faith series on being fit and healthy also includes gentle information in a non-threatening or overwhelming manner and space to personalize your goals. As with her other books, two, this Canadian author combines body and spirit; in this case, Bible reading. We are reminded that the Bible is not one big clunky boring book, and as with eating, moderation and consistency are good keys. Chapters five and six are strategies and personalized goal planning for incorporating spiritual nourishment into our day.

A quiz, action plan, and page of encouragement are included. As the author says, “Don’t just endure life, enjoy it!”

Praying & eating
By Elma Schemenauer
The author present similarities between eating healthy food and Bible study. Both can help people build healthy relationships.

A particularly good point the author makes: A wholesome breakfast is important. It helps prevent you from getting too hungry during the day. If you’re too hungry, you tend to overeat.

She also includes an overview of what the Bible is and identifies benefits of Bible study.

As in other books in this series, there are multiple-choice questions to help you test your learning.

Food for Thought Keeps its Promise
By Glynis Belec
“Your value is not found in physical appearance but in being a child of God.”

Kimberley Payne, in her book, Food for Thought, concludes her book with this statement nestled in the conclusion. I think this should be the first line in her book since this is the thread of her words in another delightful, easy-to-read volume.

There are many good tips and pieces of advice in Food for Thought that, if taken, will only lead to a more healthy lifestyle both physically and spiritually. It is a short, well written little book and although, there is not an in depth spiritual focus, there is a good overview of why and how to choose a more God-focused lifestyle.

I was a little confused by some words in Chapter 7 – the fill in the blank section. There seemed to be some random italicized words stuck in between the questions. Maybe that was a formatting issue.

Food for Thought follows through on its promise and really does make me think about choices that really do affect the rest of my life.

And as Kimberley says, “Don’t just endure life, enjoy it! You can enjoy healthy living – physically and spiritually.”

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