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What Others are Saying About Get the Skinny — Answers to 45 Frequently Asked Health & Fitness Questions

Great practical guide
By Lisa J. Lickel
Wow, this is a great little book! I rarely get excited about non-fiction, but Kimberley Payne’s fitness books are packed with great advice and practical tips. Get the Skinny is an excellent addition. Filled with common-sense information and personal observation, Payne truly does answer, realistically, questions many of us feel too stupid to ask, or didn’t realize there was even an option.

Some of my favorites are about how muscle turns to fat when we age and stop working out (it doesn’t), and whether walking with weights makes a difference (it does but probably not in the way you think). Why can’t I spot-reduce, and how to buy a sports bra—just great advice, backed not just by the most reasonable of medical research results, but experience. Personally, I’m more likely to follow tips by someone who’s walking the walk; not just telling me how, but explaining why. Get the Skinny is a practical guide for today’s practical lifestyle choices.

Ask Fitness Questions and Get Answers!
By Alice J. Wisler
Do you have health, weight and fitness questions? So do I! Get the Skinny provides answers to those questions in an easy-to-read style. Want to know about the effect on your body when you skip breakfast? Or how to obtain a normal resting heart rate? Perhaps it’s the flat stomach you seek (like I do). Kim explains the realistic goals for weight and health and debunks many of the myths we’ve believed over the years. Choose a topic from the list of chapters and learn your way to good health. I recommend this book for everyone.

This is a very practical little book! It answers many of my health and fitness questions and also many that I hadn’t even thought about! it is also very easy to read, with short, direct topics that can be flipped to in an instant. I love that the author is so aware of the needs of ‘regular’ people like me, who want to maintain or gain fitness and health levels without necessarily becoming super athletes. I will recommend it to my friends.

Get the skinny about Get The Skinny by Kimberley Payne
By Bruce Atchison
Get the Skinny answers forty-five common questions people have about health and fitness. It’s a short book that answers general questions and isn’t intended to be taken as specific medical advice. With all the contradictory diet paperbacks and e-books being published, Kimberley Payne’s book is an easy-to-read guide for those wanting to know how to live healthier and happier lives.

Get the Skinny busts food industry myths such as low-fat items being low in calories. It likewise demonstrates how eating unprocessed foods or snacks is much healthier than those tempting cookies or potato chips we all are taught to crave.

Exercise need not be done at a gym either. Just walking around or dancing for short periods throughout the day is healthier than an extensive and expensive work-out session at a fitness centre. Adding practical and low-intensity exercises to your daily routine also helps prevent the injuries associated with running and other high-intensity work-outs.

Payne also debunks the fat-vs.-muscle humbug, as well as the warming-up-vs.-stretching-first notion. Likewise, she deals with popular beliefs such as women needing a flat belly, heart rate vs. blood pressure, and the dubious benefits of electronic muscle stimulation devices.

Get the Skinny is a well-researched book from an experienced fitness trainer. It clears up many nonsensical notions while informing readers of what nutrition and exercise really do for us.

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