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What Others are Saying About Night Stories — A Collection of Devotional Writings


Inspirational Messages Within Dreams
By Shelley Hitz
This short eBook is a quick read, but contains much wisdom. Within its pages, the author shares eight dreams or what she calls “Night Stories” with us. However, she not only shares the dreams but also the deeper meaning that she received from the dreams. The Bible is very clear that God often speaks to us through our dreams and the author points this out in the beginning of the book. These dreams are her personal dreams that she has written down to also encourage us.

This book is encouraging and inspiring.


By Teena Marie Stewart
Dreams are poignant and mystical, a mixture of absurdities and realities. They often leave us thirsty for an interpretation. Are they merely wild fantasies or is there a deeper message?

In her book, Night Stories, author Kimberly Payne fearlessly tackles the subject of dreams. She prefaces her book by referencing multiple accounts in the Bible which held significance for the dreamer. God can and does speak to us through dreams.

A gifted inspirational writer with a simple and clean style, she vividly retells eight dreams she had and incorporates them into short lessons. Payne also has an excellent memory for details and she adeptly pulls her memories apart to find each dream’s deeper meaning.

Best described as an inspirational book, each dream in this book holds a lesson of wisdom which can be treasured and applied to one’s life and is capped off with a scripture verse.

The beauty in this book is in its brevity and simplicity. It’s a quick read that packs a punch.

Let us not take our dreams for granted!
By Alan Anderson
Kimberley Payne has written a reminder of how God may teach us through our dreams, our Night Stories”! This little book may also confirm to readers that God never sleeps and is aware of our deepest thoughts. Kimberley is wise in how she talks about her dreams in Night Stories. She not only accepts interpretations of her dreams but also how she may apply the truth of them in her everyday life. This may be the highlight of the interpretations of our dreams. Once finished reading this quaint little reminder one may take away something noteworthy. Perhaps if other readers are like this writer we are to realize that we are not to take our dreams for granted. God may indeed have something for us to learn about our lives in the lessons the author has been given. God is always present and perhaps by taking heed to our dreams He may seem even closer to us. Thank you Kimberley for sharing your dreams with your readers.

Night Stories- Very Inspiring
By Chris
God reveals himself through dreams and He gives us the interpretation even today. The author, Kimberley Payne, a true dreamer personally shares eight dreams she had and what the Lord was sharing about those dreams. These dreams and interpretations remind us to not rely on our own strength but to look unto the Lord for His wisdom and guidance. This book is very inspiring!

By Karebear
Night Stories is a simple devotional, sharing how God speaks to us even while we dream at night. I was encouraged by the author’s testimonies and also challenged to listen more to God’s voice through dreams.

By Brenda C Leyland
I enjoyed reading Night Stories because I have experienced my own ‘God’ dreams. I appreciated the opportunity to learn about this author’s personal dream stories and what she felt God spoke to her through them.

These eight little stories, shared so simply they can be read in a sitting, are actually gems packed with hopeful messages of instruction, insight and encouragement. Since first getting the book some months ago, I have read it several times, and in truth, there is more to each dream’s message than first supposed.

I am glad that Kimberley Payne sensed their worth, not only to show that God still speaks through dreams today, but to bless many others as they glean inspiration for their own lives.

This book would make good bedtime reading…and set the stage…for slipping off into your own dreams.

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