Oma Loves Her Little Grandbug Book Reviews

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What others are saying about Oma Loves Her Little Grandbug


Simple and Heartfelt
by Tracy Krauss
This is a simple and heartfelt look into the deep love between a grandmother and her granddaughter. They engage in everyday activities that most people can relate to and the illustrations are unique. An engaging tale. My own grandchildren loved it and asked for multiple readings.

A Sweet Tale of a Grandma’s Love
by Janis Cox
After reading this to my grandchild, she asked if there was going to be a second one.

Lovely Children’s Book
By Marcia Lee Laycock
A lovely portrayal of a grandmother, granddaughter relationship. I love the illustrations too. Looking forward to reading this with my grandchild soon.

by Ruth Ann Adams
Kimberley Payne, an award-winning Canadian writer, has written a delightful picture book about the relationship between a grandma and her granddaughter. Sophia and Oma do many fun things together, such as swimming, colouring, and playing games. Oma even lets Sophia chew gum and play on her computer. She calls Sophia her “little grandbug.”

Oma asks Sophia questions to remind her of how much she loves her. My favourite line in the book is: “It’s not what you say, it’s not what you do, it’s just because you are you.”

Every child needs to be loved unconditionally. Oma and Sophia show their love for each other in all the activities they share but ultimately, they love each other just for who they are.

Each page has one or two sentences on it, accompanied by a colourful, detailed and endearing illustration. They are wonderful pictures to explore with a child.

As a first-time grandma, of a 17- month-old grandson, I found this book enchanting. I look forward to reading it to my own “little grandbug” and assuring him that, “It’s not what you say, it’s not what you do, it’s just because you are you.”

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