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Snowmobiling and God?
by Mary Hosmar

Snowmobiling and God? Do the two go together? Kimberley Payne has connected the two in a way that is both enlightening and helpful.

The first thing that struck me was the photograph of snow on the cover. Now, as a rule I don’t like snow but this scene is beautiful.

Then, on to the devotionals themselves. Since they are not dated, I didn’t have to feel guilty not reading one each day. The short, simple stories each led to a deep, but simply-stated truth. The Bible text at the end pointed me to further reading.

Although this devotional seems to be geared to new believers rather than seasoned ones, the truths contained within the stories are a good reminder for everyone.

By Melissa Henderson
A great devotional. The author provides personal stories and includes Scripture. I enjoyed reading this one.

By Amanda
Note: I received a free, signed version of this book via the GoodReads First Reads program, directly from the author.

Let me start by saying that I am not a hard core Christian. I believe in God, but rarely do I go to church, bible studies or other organized religion, and it’s not something that’s in the forefront of my life. I will also say that while reading, I tended to skip over the bible verses at the end of each recollection… just my personal preference.

That being said, I really did enjoy this book. The images are quite beautiful and relate to each verse well. Each story about snowmobiling was relatable, and could very easily be used in other real-world applications.

Overall, this is a beautiful little book and I really appreciate having a copy. Many thanks to the author for sending it to me!

Great, simple and practical devotional
By Sheldon D. Newton
I enjoyed these pleasant short stories with a spiritual meaning, which ran really cause you to evaluate one’s walk with God. I recommend it to all. It is not drawn out and each story carries a life lesson with it. I like the moose story. Each one will draw you in and you see how the author’s experiences give a Biblical lesson that is direct and to the point.

Inspirational At Many Levels!
By Boomy Tokan
This intelligently written book will connect with you at many levels. I learnt the importance having a great hobby; the fun of working together with others, the joy of being married and the essence of our Christian walk.

The whole book is baked in the life of those who enjoy the outdoors whilst teaching eternal truth. Even if snowmobile is not what rocks your boat; the strong Christian message and the manner which the writer uses the Scriptures will truly awaking you to a higher walk with JESUS!

An entertaining and uplifting book.

By Chris
I truly enjoyed reading these inspiring devotionals. The author, Kimberley Payne, is so creative in how she incorporates Biblical principles and truths with her snowmobiling experiences. And, the photos were breathtaking and made me feel as if I was there experiencing the beauty of the snowy trails. Highly recommend this devotional for not only snowmobilers but for anyone that wants to be inspired!

I was provided this book free by the author in exchange for my honest review.

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