Where Family Meets Faith Book Reviews

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What others are saying about Where Family Meets Faith – A Collection of Devotional Writings


Practical and Real
By J. Steve Miller
This devotional is written in crystal clear prose, illustrated primarily with the author’s experiences as a wife and mother. While her insights apply to all, they’ll be especially well-received by mothers of young children, who’ll likely find themselves identifying with the author on every page as she faces the challenges of this stage of life.

I love her candor in describing her own resistance to forgive those who hurt her or to admit when she’s wrong. We’ve all been there, or will be there, so it’s refreshing to read an author who lets us into her life rather than sugarcoat her flaws. Without being preachy, she finds answers in the Scriptures and points us to God for strength.


Where Family Meets Faith
By Chris
I truly enjoyed reading the devotionals about everyday family experiences and the lessons we can learn from them. Each devotional has a strong message on how we can build our relationship with God. I’m a big fan of Kimberley Payne and have read many of her books. This book is another inspiring and encouraging book that draws you closer to God!


Honest and Heartfelt
By P. Creeden
I love how this author thinks. She takes everyday circumstances and sees the light of Christ and what He has done for us in the daily life. I love that. This could easily be used as a family devotional, one that is read together for twenty-nine days. Even if you read it alone, you’ll find gems worthy of keeping in the promise box of your heart.


Well-done Kimberley!
By Ray Wiseman
In each of Kimberly Payne’s 29 devotions, she starts with an illustration drawn from family life, then moves into a a biblical application. Nowhere does she become obscure or enigmatic. She deals with familiar everyday family situations: the cat, the dog, the campfire. She then goes where most of us fail to go by presenting the parallel between the family illustration and our relationship with God. Well-done Kimberley.

Well worth reading

By Arthur
Thank you for your very honest and thought-provoking articles. Well written, enjoyable to read and encouraging.


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