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What Others are saying about Where Life Meets Faith – A Collection of 52 Devotional Writings

Faith Meets Life
By Mary Hosmar
Kimberley Payne has continued her devotional series, ‘Where Life Meets . . .’ with an edition focussing on faith. In a series of 52 short devotionals, Kimberley opens herself up to her readers by letting them in on part of her faith journey. Most entries contain some of Kimberley’s experiences and how her faith helped her not only get through difficulties, or just the day, and even grow. Each page tells of God’s faithfulness in Kimberly’s life and becomes an encouragement for the reader.

While these devotionals seemed to be geared more towards the new believer or seeker, even an experienced Christian can appreciate the trust that comes shining through all of the work. There is no theological language to bog down the reader, just the simple truths as experience by one of God’s children.

These devotionals were first printed in newspapers and have withstood the test of time.

I received a copy of Where Life Meets Faith for the purpose of giving an honest review.

Pleased to Meet You, Faith
By Look Again
Kimberley Payne, without inviting us into intimate secrets, is frank about her own shortcomings and struggles as she discusses the life of faith in this encouraging collection of weekly devotionals.

For each devotional, the author tells first of a past or current life experience, then reflects on it in the light of faith as evidenced in Scripture, in the life of a Christian she admires, or in the writings of a writer whose wisdom she respects.

She seldom slips into the “should”, “ought” or “need to” trap, but offers suggestions and questions designed to open up the individual reader’s mind to the working of the Holy Spirit.

The challenges addressed are common to most people. In a few instances, probably the reader who could relate most easily would be one whose educational level and financial status are similar to those of the author.

This book could be used effectively for individual devotions or as the core of a group meeting weekly for prayerful life and faith discussions, a group which has already read and meditated on the individual devotional at least once in preparation during the week.

Many of the individual devotionals could also be used as stand-alone theme material, e.g. for a women’s or couples’ group meeting or special event, particularly if a few questions for discussion were provided.

Where Life Meets Faith would be an especially good Christmas gift for an active Christian lay leader’s personal and professional use.

Real Stories for Real Life Issues – A Breath of Fresh Air
By Shelley Hitz
In this devotional there aren’t simply teachings from the Bible, but teachings from the author’s life. She addresses REAL issues that she faced and what God taught her through them. You can tell when someone is being authentic and when they are just writing to write. I sensed the author’s authenticity and loved that she was real.

There are 52 devotionals – so you can read one a week for an entire year or go through them one a day for a little over 7 weeks. Whatever option you choose, I believe you will be blessed by these devotionals.

I especially needed reminded of the devotionals “Problems” and “Be With God.” They are lessons I’ve also learned in my life but often need reminded of over and over.

Thank you Kimberley for providing such a great resource and sharing your heart with us! Highly recommended.

You Need This Devotional!
By Boomy Tokan
A good devotional, encapsulated in personal experiences in life and with GOD. This book tackles the issues many people consider and brings scriptural solutions to deal with the problems. The author made a statement I believe will stand all of us in good stead. She said “Perhaps God is telling us not to wait. That He is with us at all times – the good and the bad. We should focus our energy on Him. If we spent each day in prayer, really getting to know God, we would be much more at peace”.

Here is a truth that echoes with me. This book will be a blessing to you.

Where life meets Faith
By Val Newton-Knowles
Where life meets faith, is the perfect devotional to jump start your days. I have to advise you, that after reading the first devotional you may not want to put it down. Each day speaks to us specifically and individually. Even if your story is not exactly the same, the conclusion never changes as it reminds us of how much our Father loves and cares for us. Oftentimes we can overlook Him in the small details of life, this book captures those moments beautifully, but shows how in His tender way, He never really leaves us. This book really shows that where life meets Faith sacred moments are always created.

Deals with things that matter most
By Rosie
Kimberley Payne has compiled 52 one page devotions that deal with topics “where life meets faith“. In a down to earth and authentic manner, she shares stories which make faith relevant in our busy lives. She writes “God has revealed to me that it’s not in doing but in being that I find peace.” Many would be blessed by reading her encouraging words. I recommend this devotional.

Where Life Meets Faith Devotional
By Chris
The author, Kimberly Payne, did an amazing job putting together a compilation of life principles/topics on life, faith and God. Each devotional has her unique story that applies to the topic and she ends each one with a correlating scripture to reinforce the message. I especially liked “No Greater Love” because I could really relate to what she was feeling and experiencing. This book is an inspiring weekly devotional that draws you closer to God.

Might just compel me to read devotionals, at least this one
By Brandon
I’m not big on devotionals. I prefer to read a chapter or two from my Bible and journalize my thoughts on the passages. However, this book just might compel me to read it and dust off my old copy of Oswald Chambers’ “My Utmost For His Highest.” Simply stated, sometimes it’s to read another’s thoughts on God’s Word and how it impacts her daily walk. I recommend this book.

Great Devotional
By Jan Cox
I really like these articles. They speak directly to my life and there is something practical in them that I can do something about. Kimberley starts us off on the right track for the day – bringing in wonderful lessons related to Scripture. Kick start your day with Where Life Meets Faith.

Practical Devotions on Faith and Life
By Ruth L. Snyder
What difference does my faith make in everyday life? Kimberley Payne shows us 52 answers to this question in her devotional, Where Life Meets Faith. With candor and humour, she tackles topics like worry, fulfillment, priorities, friendship, and happiness.

In the devotionals, Kimberley shares stories from her personal life. She uses the stories as a springboard to share lessons she’s learned, along with supporting passages of Scripture. The readings are written in a conversational style which makes it feel like Kimberley is sitting across from you, talking to you about life and faith. Each reading may be completed in a few minutes, but the topics will keep you thinking longer.

If you’re looking for a book to encourage you and motivate you in your walk with God, check out Where Life Meets Faith.

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