Don’t Make Resolutions

Don’t Make Resolutions by Steph Beth Nickel Instead of making an extensive list of resolutions we may very well discard before the end of January, let’s make a game plan for the year ahead. First, let’s set a long-term goal, … Continue reading

‘Tis The Season… For Gaining Weight?!

‘Tis The Season… For Gaining Weight?! by Jane Sandwood Nativity scenes, Advent services, gathering with friends and family over a big meal: all things that are once more upon us as the holiday season approaches. This time of year is … Continue reading

13 Fitness Hacks

 13 Fitness Hacks by Steph Beth Nickel The following fitness hacks have worked for my husband and me. However, before changing your activity level and/or eating habits, consult your health care professional. What is safe and beneficial for one person … Continue reading

3 Lessons Learned From a Weight Loss Challenge

If at First You Don’t Succeed … by Steph Beth Nickel Are you struggling to lose weight? Perhaps you’ve given up altogether. Weight loss has been a happy side effect of joining an online Facebook challenge organized by one of … Continue reading

Are Protein Shakes Good for Weight Loss?

Are Protein Shakes Good for Weight Loss? My husband makes a protein shake every morning for breakfast. He mixes protein powder with strawberries, milk, flax seed oil, hemp seeds, and sometimes bananas. For me, he creates shakes with mango and … Continue reading