Day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas Gift Giveaway

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 Day 4 – The Gift

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Spiritually and physically, have you yo-yo’d, gotten weak, had moments of strength, experienced success, fallen for a lie, gotten discouraged, but always known down deep there was truth and a missing link somewhere? You can change your future in 31 days by following the Christ Fit Principles.

Rusty Nokes

The Gift-Giver

Rusty Nokes has been a Certified Fitness Trainer since 1998 and has competed in everything from bodybuilding to endurance events. While struggling through divorce, addiction and homlessness God inspired him to write the 31 Day Journal, Christ Fit Fusion – The Fusion of Spiritual and Physical Fitness. Spiritually and physically, you will weather the storms of life much better when you are Chrsit Fit. Visit Rusty’s Website.

Click the present below to access your free gift from Rusty!

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