Health Matters Podcast – Episode 12: The Bodybuilding Approach to Health & Weight loss

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Health Matters

Episode 12: Summer Breskow – The Bodybuilding Approach to Health and Weight Loss

About the Show

In this episode, we’ll be talking about macros. Each person needs a certain amount of macros—fats, carbohydrates, and proteins—each day to lose weight continuously.

About the Speaker

Summer BreskowSummer Breskow was once 295 pounds and very miserable. She lost over 140 pounds by eating healthy and exercising. She designed comprehensive methods to help her clients shed fat and build muscle, while eating tons of food. She doesn’t sell any products or endorse any pills, shakes, lotions, or potions. She has years of knowledge about nutrition and working out. Summer can not describe the joy her heart feels when someone takes her advice and gets happier and healthier because of it. It has really given her life purpose and she’s passionate about sharing health with others. You can learn more about her at Enough 4 God Fitness and Health Facebook support group.


For each person who decides to contact Summer through this podcast, she will take 32% off her regular monthly fees for her program. Contact her through Facebook.

Show Notes

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Excerpt from our interview–BEEP Model


Wonderful. We’re going to move on to the BEEP round. Summer will give quick tips on the four disciplines of Bible study, eating healthy, exercise, and prayer or BEEP. So what do you have for us for a quick tip for Bible study?


My quick tip is that, of course I believe wholeheartedly that I couldn’t do any of this without God in my life. So to have His Word in my life that’s what encourages me throughout the day when I’m feeling low and feeling blue and feeling frustrated. I think it’s really important that we read our Bible every single day. You know the Bible even says that we’re supposed to look into it day, evening, everyday. At least morning, noon and night. The best advice I have is to have a Bible app. I have a Bible app on my phone, therefore every single morning when I wake up or every single night before I go to bed or if I have time throughout the day I can read some verses and I can meditate on it. And that’s quick, it’s easy. Most of us always have our phones with us so we don’t have excuses, oh I left my Bible there or whatever. It’s always with us and it’s always accessible. If you just do a small amount every single day I think it’s very encouraging .


Can you recommend a Bible app?


I have, I think it’s called the Holy Bible. There’s tons and tons out there. I signed up for the Holy Bible app but I also signed up for when you read the Bible in one year. So every single morning it has 5 or 6 chapters, from the beginning of times to the end of times, it has 5-6 chapters. It allows you to fit it in. And basically you’re reading the whole Bible in one year. And it tracks you so you know if you’ve missed a few days or if you’ve fallen behind. It just keeps me motivated and on par with exactly where I want to be.


Fantastic. And your quick tip on eating healthy?


My quick tip on eating healthy is a lot of times people approach a healthy lifestyle as all or nothing and they feel defeated before they even begin. I think the best thing that somebody can do is add one healthy thing to their life. One healthy food or one healthy thing that is positive in their life and then take away one negative. When you do something like that it makes it on a smaller scale and then over a year you’ve added 5 or 6 healthy things and taken away 5 or 6 unhealthy things and it’s something that’s doable. One thing that I like to give my clients and tell them to do is just to have one smoothie a day that has protein powder and lots of fruits, spinach and kale in it. Just have one smoothie a day and it doesn’t matter what else you’re eating throughout the day if that’s the only thing you want to do at least you’ve added something very healthy to your lifestyle and you’re going to see positive results from just adding that one healthy thing.


Love it. And your quick tip for exercise?


For exercise, basically it’s all the same kind of momentum, same kind of idea system is that a lot of people when they look at exercise is like they think they have to go for an hour or something and they have to do it every single day. Just do something small. Commit to something small. Doing 10 push-ups or 10 sit-ups every single night before bed. If you commit to something small and you stick with it every single day then you can always add to it when you feel the momentum and the motivation to do so. But if you at least commit to that one small thing. I love to do 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, and 10 jumping jacks. If you do that every single night then you’ve added this healthy thing to your lifestyle and it’s going to motivate you to start other healthy things. But it doesn’t take a long time. It probably takes 2 or 3 minutes every single night. So it’s not a huge thing that you have to conquer. It’s just something healthy and quick that you add to your lifestyle.


And your quick tip on prayer.


My quick tip on prayer is use it as much as possible. Prayer is the only thing that’s going to get you through this when you’re having bad days you have to connect with your Father. He’s going to uplift you, He’s going to strengthen you and your spirit. So I say pray as much as possible but the thing is people sometimes they think of prayer like this thing where they have to get to a quiet place or they have to be in this scenery or this situation. I say pray as much as possible throughout the day, anywhere, everywhere. If you’re driving in the car turn off the music for a minute and pray. If you’re going to the bathroom, go ahead and pray. If you’re in the shower, go ahead and pray. If you could start and make it part of your daily life it becomes like you get these little pieces of energy, little nuggets of energy throughout the whole day where you’re connecting with the Father and you’re drawing from Him. It’s not a big act, you just do it naturally. So that’s my quick tip for that.

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