Health Matters Podcast – Episode 25: Soul Refreshing

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Health MattersEpisode 25: Soul Refreshing with Sherry Stahl

About the Show

In this episode we’ll be discussing the need for daily physical and spiritual hydration. Sherry will share a variety of information that will help you see the dangers in dehydration. She’ll provide practical tools to help keep both physically and spiritually refreshed.

You Will Learn:

  1. What happens when you don’t stay hydrated.
  2. What the signs and phases of dehydration are.
  3. How much water is enough water.
  4. Benefits of spiritual hydration.

About the Speaker

Sherry StahlSherry is an International Speaker Certified with the John Maxwell Team, Author of Water In The Desert & the newly released Soul H2O Women’s Devotional taken from her refreshing blog. She’s a fun, passionate Bible teacher whose desire is to lead others to the life-giving Water in the Word!  Her weekly Soul H2O devotions bring refreshment to the soul.


Sherry partners with 100 Huntley Street’s Humanitarian arm, Crossroads Relief and Development in all their water projects helping bring clean water to people in need around the world.

Sherry’ is the VP of Operations for Women In Music & Media (WIMM Canada) and Canadian Ambassador for Christian Women In Media Assoc. (CWIMA).

Sherry’s a race car enthusiast, happily married to her artist hubby Todd Stahl, author of 40 Days In The Man Cave. Todd & Sherry are co-founders of TAKE THE 40 DAY CHALLENGE.  A program to enhance or help build the habit of personal daily devotions.  For Individuals and Churches. Click here to visit her website.


Visit Sherry’s website and sign up to receive a free Soul H20 devotion sent to your inbox weekly.

Show Notes

Visit CamelBack website to try out the free hydration calculator.



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This interview has been brought to you by the Fit for Faith–a 7 week program to improve spiritual & physical health. This workbook unites physical health and spiritual health through a 7-week program to lose weight and develop a deeper relationship with God.

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