Health Matters Podcast – Episode 3: The Fusion of Spiritual & Physical Health

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Health Matters

Episode 3: Rusty Nokes – The Fusion of Spiritual & Physical Fitness

About the Show

There is a statistic that shows those who attend church or a Bible study at least once a week are 50% more likely to be obese than those who do not attend.

Food is not sin. Eating a piece of pie is no more a sin than drinking a glass of wine. The abuse and overindulgence is the sin.

Life is a full contact sport. Whether it is a cold, a disease, a bruise, broken bone, a divorce, lost job, a shoe shopping addiction, gossip or any spiritual attack… we will weather the storms of life much better (spiritual and physical) when we are spiritually and physically fit (Christ Fit). We will soar much higher on the updrafts of life when we are Christ Fit.

Christ Fit is not about having a six pack mid section. It’s about being fit for life.

It’s about being able to function and play with kids. It’s about being able to grow old and carry you own groceries.

It’s about being a good steward of our bodies so that we can be of service to God in whatever he calls us to do.

Everybody struggles and deals with something. Even if it’s not food the Christ Fit Fusion journal addresses. When you address the health and fitness of your spiritual life the other elements of life become easier to manage. (Matt 6:33 – Seek first the kingdom of God and everything else will be added to you…)

 About the Speaker

Rusty NokesRusty Nokes has been a Certified Fitness Trainer since 1998 and has competed in everything from bodybuilding to endurance events. While struggling through divorce, addiction and homelessness God inspired him to write the 31 Day Journal, Christ Fit Fusion – The Fusion of Spiritual and Physical Fitness.

Christ Fit Fusion is built on three key principles: 1) Eat a healthy spiritual and physical diet, 2) Exercise spiritually and physically and, 3) Do them both consistently (If you live the right lifestyle the results will take care of themselves). Spiritually and physically, you will weather the storms of life much better when you are Christ Fit.


Rusty is offering the first 36 pages of his Christ Fit Fusion journal free.Sample from Christ Fit Fusion by Rusty Nokes

Show Notes

Christ Fit Fusion book


Excerpt from our interview – BEEP model


I definitely look forward to a Christ Fit ranch. That would be something. Especially living up in Canada here, where today, in April, it snowed. I’d love to come south and participate at your ranch. So now we’re going to move on to the BEEP round. Rusty will give quick tips on the four disciplines of Bible study, eating healthy, exercise, and prayer or BEEP. So what do you have for us for a quick tip for Bible study?


Everyday. It’s part of the three rules, not rules, but principles of being Christ Fit. The three principles that the whole thing is based on is to 1) Eat a healthy spiritual and physical diet, 2) Exercise spiritually and physically, and 3) Do them both consistently. Those are the three principles throughout that journal. And so if you are doing it consistently, I’m talking about every day. And you might not be in the Word for an hour or two hours a day and that’s okay. But every day. So for me—and again there’s no scientific formula—I like to read in my New Testament and I’ll start a book and I’ll just systematically read a chapter or two a day. And then I’ll go to the Old Testament and read a chapter a two in whatever book I’m in there. And I like to get into the Proverbs a little bit and the Psalms a little bit and have that balance. You know again there’s that balance, physically and spiritually. But whatever you do, every day. And there’s days where we have those like, “Man I missed my workout, here it is 9 o’clock or 10 o’clock I need to go to bed but I’ve not done my exercise.” Guess what? You can lie in bed and do some crunches. I’m not going to the gym but you can lie in bed and do 20 crunches. If you haven’t read your Word, guess what it doesn’t take any time at all to flip over to the Proverbs and read a few proverbs. So overall my advice on that whole thing is just every day. Consistency. Do it consistently. Day in and day out. And make it balanced.


I like that. Doing a little bit every single day and in every single discipline. Excellent. Now I understand that you have a gift for our listeners. An eBook—a portion of your Christ Fit Fusion journal—that you’re offering as a gift. Can you talk a little bit about that?


The journal is going to be available as an eBook. It’s in the process right now. There will be a portion of the book where you can get a good sample. I like the introduction because it lays out the whole program and what living a Christ Fit lifestyle is all about. It gives the scriptures like a platform for the whole book and then you get several pages of the journal. You can read a page a day as if you had it in your hand. You can have your own little separate notebook. When I journalled, there’s nothing magical about journaling, you can take a spiral notebook and write down your spiritual diet and spiritual exercise etc. You’ll see the template that’s in the journal how I’ve got it laid out. But that’s how that’s going to work.


What I will do is put a link to it in my show notes and everybody can access it there.


I apologize about one thing. You asked me about the BEEP and so I addressed the Bible study but it sounded like I was supposed to address the E E and P as well.  I don’t know if you’re going there yet or if I just failed to finish up but I got the E E and P ready to go if you need it.


Sorry, go ahead, I was thinking that the tip you had mentioned kind of covered all of them. But go ahead. What do you have for a quick tip for eating healthy?


Honestly, I kind of did, because that’s the whole thing about Christ Fit Fusion, it’s the fusion of spiritual and physical fitness so when I’m talking about one I’m almost talking about the other and so of course the balance when it comes to eating. Obviously I’m all about balance—protein, carbs, and fats. I’m not a stay-away from carbs guy. You know, I’m not going to go overboard either. But our bodies, our brains, our first source of energy is carbohydrates. You know as well as I do that Doritos is not your best source of carbohydrates. And sugar and ice-cream are not your best source of carbohydrates. A lot of times people already know what they need to do or not do. Eating: So healthy and clean, and again, consistency. Balanced and grazing throughout the day.

Exercise: same thing, be consistent. And you don’t have to work out an hour in the gym. If you find yourself there one day, that’s great. But maybe for you it’s walking around the block a couple of times. That’s fine if that’s where you have to start. But consistent. I can go out and play badminton and get a workout.  I can go out with my kids and play 4-square and call that my workout for the day. It doesn’t have to be some extreme workout that leaves you in a puddle of sweat. But something every day. Something consistent.

And then prayer: obviously, the Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. Before my feet hit the floor, I just wake up and say, “Good morning. Thank You Jesus for another day. Before I even get out of this bed help me get my mind right and get ready to go out there and do whatever it is You got me planned to do that day.” And then just talking to Him throughout the day. I’ve got my moments in my prayer closet.  I’ve got my moments on my knees. A lot of times I’m praying while I drive. It’s just another one of those spiritual exercises, disciplines if you will, so I’ll just talk to Him throughout the day. It’s that eating healthy spiritual diet, spiritual and physical diet. That’s it.

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