Health Matters Podcast – Episode 7: Nurturing Body & Soul

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Health Matters

Episode 7: CJ Hitz – Nurturing Body & Soul

About the Show

In the interview titled Nurturing Body & Soul, CJ Hitz talks about how he started running in his 30s and eating smoothies to support this new activity and the impact it had on his life.

About the Speaker

CJ HitzCJ is an author and speaker with a heart and passion to see people walk closely with Jesus. He and his wife Shelley speak in churches, schools, camps and retreats across the United States and abroad.

CJ received his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology at Anderson University in 1996 and added a Secondary Education Social Studies degree at Bowling Green State in 1998.

He’s an avid runner, loves the outdoors passionately, enjoys strong coffee, dark chocolate, Mexican food and Oregon Ducks football having grown up 80 miles south of Eugene. He also does impressions of Scooby Doo & Shaggy whenever he gets the chance and would love to try out for the next Scooby movie.

CJ and his wife reside in Colorado Springs, CO.


CJ is giving away one copy each of his books: Fuel for the Soul (Kindle), Smoothies for Runners (choice of print or Kindle), Starting Off on the Right Foot (choice of print or Kindle).


I will have a random draw from all the comments from today until Monday, June 15th 2015. Leave a comment below to enter the draw to win one of CJ Hitz’s books.


CJ’s Original Blend Smoothie


This is the first smoothie I began experimenting with and have enjoyed more times than I can count. Quite simply, this blend contains everything the human body needs in order to recover well. This blend is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory masterpiece that leaves me feeling recovered and ready for another run within a couple hours. Flax seed is a wonder food that gives our bodies the right kind of fat & protein. A study of forty patients found flax seeds helped lower cholesterol as well as statin drugs…without all the added side effects heard on commercials! Spinach adds green goodness and smooth texture to any smoothie with stealth-like neutral taste.


1 cup rice milk
½ cup pure *pomegranate juice
1 cup raw spinach leaves
½ cup frozen wild blueberries
½ frozen banana
2 Tbs ground flax seed
1 scoop Garden of Life Vanilla RAW Meal powder**

Directions: Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth.

Recipe Tips:

*Make sure to find pomegranate juice with no added sugars. Several brands can be found in most grocery stores.

**I prefer Garden of Life RAW Protein which is plant based.

Show Notes

Fuel for the Soul book

Smoothies for Runners book

Starting Off on the Right Foot book

Dean Karnazes

Garden of Life

Ed Whitlock

Youth for Christ

Body for Life book

Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames



Excerpt from our interview – BEEP model


Well we’re definitely on the same page that way. I like that, “Impression without expression equals depression.” I remember reading your devotional Fuel for the Soul and I did write a review of it too and I was very impressed with it too and enjoyed it.

We’re going to move on to the BEEP round. CJ will give quick tips on the four disciplines of Bible study, eating healthy, exercise, and prayer or BEEP. So what do you have for us for a quick tip for Bible study?


One of the things I used to tell kids regarding Bible study is that it’s kind of like if you go back to your school years. Half the battle in getting a passing grade is just showing up for class. I used to think you could just show up for class, take good notes, listen to the lecture, and you could still pass the class with a C by getting your homework in, and even a D on the test. You can still pass the class. It’s just showing up and putting yourself in that position. Regarding Bible study I think it’s so true if you just have a routine of showing up, opening that Word and placing yourself before the Lord. Our walk with Him and what He can do in our hearts and in our minds is crucial. He wants to bring things to our mind at certain times of the day but if you don’t show up for class you’re not really going to have been exposed to his lesson. And so when it comes time to be tested at different points you’re going to be in a more deficient spot because you weren’t there for the lecture. I kind of look at it in that way.

Another way of Bible study for me is like throwing down soul grub. It’s like sitting down to a good meal. You begin to look at it that way. You get excited about just showing up. Even if it’s just 5 minutes. Some days we just have those days where it’s just on and on, we barely have enough time to just breath, but just showing up even if it’s just 5 minutes can really put yourself in a great spot for the Lord to use that.


“Throwing down soul grub” I’ve never heard that but I love it. What do you have for a quick tip for exercise.


You don’t have to be a runner. I know we have many listeners out there that are into different forms of exercise, whether it’s cycling or swimming. It could be a number of things. But one thing that always keeps me going is I set a goal. I’m always setting a goal for something I want to compete in. For me it’s running. So a good way to do that is to sign up for a race. And as you know when you sign up for something your accountability goes up big time because you’ve got this looming now. It’s on the calendar and if you don’t train for it, race day is going to show up and you’re going to be disappointed and think why didn’t I train more for this. You’ll stay a little more consistent with things. So I think just setting a goal, signing up for something.

Also, if you sign up for something or say you’re going to do something, include 2 or 3 other people to be accountable to. People that you will voice that goal to. And have them ask you about it from time to time.

One quick little story. Back before I got into running, I was getting to a point where my weight was getting out of control. I used to be 50 pounds heavier than I am now. I remember Shelley and I came out of a restaurant just feeling absolutely sick almost, we just ate so much. I was at a point where I was sort of miserable and I was at a point where I wanted to take a challenge. I was just very ripe for change so I picked up a book called Body for Life by Bill Phillips. And he offered this 12-week challenge where you took a before and after picture where you followed his program and then you had a chance to actually win a before and after contest. This kept me going. I signed up for the challenge and it kept me going those 12 weeks of doing this transformation. Over the course of those 12 weeks I really did transform. I lost 10 pounds but the thing is I gained a whole bunch of muscle so I looked totally different than I did before. I traded muscle for fat. Or the other way around. Anyway that was an example of how I signed up for something and all of a sudden it ratcheted up my commitment level.

I just encourage all your listeners to set a goal, whether it’s signing up for a race or doing a class at your local gym. Something that’s going to keep you going and people are going to keep you accountable to that.


Wonderful. And what’s your quick tip for eating healthy?


I’m going to go back to smoothies. Some people may say that they don’t have time or really want to get the most bang for their buck for nutrition. For me, smoothies have been a huge help and you can always keep ingredients in your freezer whether it’s frozen fruit or ground flax seed—it’s one of my key ingredients  in getting a healthy omega fat in you—getting a good protein powder that is pure and healthy. For me, I like Garden of Life. It’s a company that even gives me some sponsorship. They’re popular, alternative for those that want plant based protein. But anyway, smoothies can really help give you some of the most nutrition you can get in one little sitting. And it’s quick. You just throw those things in your blender, blend them up. If you’ve even got something on the go, if you need to put it in a to-go cup, in your coffee mug or whatever to stay cool on your way to work. And it’s a way that your body can quickly use the ingredients. Because it’s in liquid form. Anything that’s in liquid form is already going to be broken down in one or two more steps than a solid food. So it’s going to immediately hit your system and it’s going to energize you. Not only that you’re getting the fiber. People say, “What about juicing?” Well juicing is good and obviously it tastes really good. It obviously has a nice consistency but the smoothie keeps the fiber in there. And you need the fibre to bind up the waste in your body and some of the damage that you’ve done through exercise, the fiber binds that up. We need good dietary fiber in our daily routine. So smoothies keep that. I just highly recommend a smoothie. Whether it’s once a day, once every other day. If you could get 5 smoothies in your body during the course of the week you’re going to really going to have a lot of good to your body. You’re going to feel good.


Love it. And what’s your quick tip for prayer?


If reading your Bible is like throwing down soul grub then prayer to me is simply talking with Daddy. I guess you could say with Bible study and prayer you’ve got throwing and talking. It’s simple in terms of we know how powerful it can be yet so many times we want to solve things ourselves and sometimes God can be a last resort. I think if we really begin to look at this whole thing like Daddy just wants us to hop up on his lap and talk with Him. It’s not a pressure thing. It’s not, “I got to get so many minutes in prayer or I’m a horrible believer.” It’s really about a privilege of hopping on a Father’s lap who just wants us to talk with Him and share everything on our hearts, our concerns, give Him our praise. So that’s part of it, it’s just flipping that mindset to it’s a privilege to talk with Daddy.

And then for me it’s important to have a place for me to go. For me, on a very local level it’s my chair. My nice lazy boy chair, it’s my candle next to me. I just love to light a candle, there’s just something about that. I like it early in the morning before the sun comes up, the candle’s going, it provides this atmosphere of peacefulness. And sometimes I’ll even have my blanket. And I’ll just even get on my knees in front of the chair. I’ll have the candle going and I’ll put the blanket sort of over me. Sometimes I’ll just hide underneath the blanket. There’s a sense that this is a sacred place. A sense that sets me into a mode of prayer and just quiet. We need that quiet for our souls.  So find your place. I would even recommend going to places that really are peaceful out in nature. I have a few of those places too. Places where I can go on a retreat for two or three days. But more than anything start where you’re at, find that place whether it’s in your house or close to your home where you can go and it sets you immediately into a peaceful place of solitude to quiet your heart, both inside and outside. I think that’s important for all of us. Jesus broke away many times. You read that in scripture. It says that He, in Luke, that He often broke away for prayer. He just wanted to talk with His Daddy. And He gave us that example. Finding that routine and not making it a drudgery but something to look forward to. It’s a spot where you realize you’re going to come away from there with so much peace and joy and power. He knows you. To set out on your day. For me, I really like that in the mornings, those real quiet morning times. For some people it might be a half an hour before you go to bed at night. It could be different for each person.

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10 thoughts on “Health Matters Podcast – Episode 7: Nurturing Body & Soul

  1. Kimberley,
    I love your BEEPs. Great interview and thanks for all your hard work, lining up speakers and having such wonderful conversations.
    Goal setting – good one. I have too many goals – that’s my problem. I guess I need to focus on one. lol:)
    And I have a small smoothie each morning. I use Chia and hemp seeds, cashew butter and fruit – sometimes I add coconut milk, and of course maple syrup. I try to put in a little spirullina (spelling?). I make them up and keep them in the fridge.

    • Thanks Janis. CJ has some great information to share. I’ve since set a goal to participate in a 5Km Mudmoiselle event and have started to drink one smoothie a day. It’s great to add spinach leaves and flax seed oil too.
      You’ve been entered in the draw.

    • Congratulations Janis! You won the book “Starting Off on the Right Foot”. Please private message me your email address and I will pass it along to CJ Hitz. You have the choice of Print or Kindle.

    • Congratulations Brenda! You won the book “Smoothies for Runners”. Please private message me your email address and I will pass it along to CJ Hitz. You have the choice of Print or Kindle.

    • Congratulations Trokon! You won the Kindle book “Fuel for the Soul”. Please private message me your email address and I will pass it along to CJ Hitz.

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