Health Matters Podcast – Review Episode 2

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Health Matters


Review Episode 2: Kimberley Payne — Review of first 20 Podcast Episodes

About the Show

This is a special episode as this week we’re going to be celebrating the first 20 episodes with a review of each.

My first 10 interviews included Stephanie Nickel, Barb Raveling, Rusty Nokes, Rachel Almstedt, Jennifer Waddle, Brenda Wood, CJ Hitz, Renee Wiggins, John Hayden, and Sabrina Memminger. Click here for the review episode for these first 10 interviews.

011 – Laurie Graves: Fit for Freedom

012 – Summer Breskow: The Bodybuilding Approach to Health & Weight Loss

013 – Nicole Swiner: How to Avoid the Superwoman Complex

014 – Liz Faison: You Can be Fit After 40

015 – Cathy Morenzie: 3 Biggest Mistakes that Keep Christian Women Overweight

016 – Angel Barrino: Wholeness in Life and Business

017 – Kimberly Rae: Live Joyfully Despite Chronic Illness

018 – Casey Sollock: Create the Health you C.R.A.V.E.

019 – Heidi Bylsma: What Does it Mean to be Thin Within?

020 – Linda Williams – 4 Little Known Secrets Standing Between You & Destiny

Click here to listen to the Review Episode


This review episode has been brought to you by Fit for Faith – 7 weeks to improved spiritual & physical health.


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