Health Matters Summit – Lose Weight & Keep it Off

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Welcome to the Lose Weight & Keep it Off Summit!


Day 1 with Cathy Morenzie – 5 Steps to Christian Weight Loss
You’ll learn:
1. How to stop making common weight loss mistakes.
2. How to get to the root of your real weight loss issues.
3. Practical strategies to overcome weight loss challenges.

Day 2 with Rachel Almstedt – To the Couch and Back
You’ll learn:
1. 3 simple steps to lose weight and heal
2. The real secret to maintain your optimal weight
3. How to make healthy living easy

Day 3 with Brenda Wood – The Truth about Crash Diets
You’ll learn:
1. The truth about diet plans and losing weight.
2. What to do instead of crash diet.
3. We can take God at His word to help us.

Day 4 with Rusty Nokes – How to Flow with the Yo-Yo Effect
You’ll learn:
1. How to strategize for the yo-yo effect.
2. How to weather the storms when they happen.
3. Why you don’t have to beat yourself up when you yo-yo.

Day 5 with Barb Raveling – The Lies that Make you Eat
You’ll learn:
1. The top 3 lies Christian women believe that make us overeat.
2. What truth journaling is and how it can help you lose weight.
3. The importance of boundaries and how to renew your mind.

Bonus Gifts – Health Matters Summit Audio Interviews

Renee Wiggins – Inside Out: Click here to listen

Cathy Morenzie – Steps to Christian Weight Loss: Click here to listen

Brenda Wood –  When Bulimia is No Longer Enough: Click here to listen

Paige Hilken – From Bondage to Freedom: Click here to listen

Toni Perry – Breaking the Yoke: Click here to listen

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