Holy Land Journey – Day 1

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Holy Land Journey

I am back from a 10-day tour of Israel. Over the next 8 days, I plan to share with you the highlights of my journey which started in Tel Aviv, Israel and ended in Jerusalem. 


Our flight map

Our flight map

I travelled with my mom and about 33 other pilgrims from all over Ontario. What we had in common? We all listened to Life 100.3 FM (89.3 in Peterborough) radio station and learned of this trip through them. Tim Maassarany and Glen Sye from Life 100.3 led the group, through Christian Journeys travel group. 

We left on Wednesday, November 6th and arrived in Tel Aviv on Thursday, November 7th. It was a long flight (11 hours) but Air Canada made it comfortable.

When we landed, we immediately met our tour guide, Rafi, who took us by bus to the seaside town of Jaffa. Jaffa is one of the oldest towns in Israel with one of the oldest ports. Cedars of Lebanon destined for Solomon’s Temple were unloaded here. 

It’s here that Peter brought Tabitha back from the dead. Also, Peter prophesied the vision of the pure and un-pure animals. 



Church of St. Peter

Church of St. Peter

The first evening we stayed at the Seasons Hotel, Netanya on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.


The view from my hotel room

The view from my hotel room, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea


 I was enchanted by the many cats that roamed free throughout Israel.


Kitty Cats

Lots of kitty cats

I was pleasantly surprised by the warm weather. I expected temperatures in the high teens, but we had 29-33 degrees!


Temperature in Israel

Temperature in Israel

I loved the safety of walking at night. My mom and I walked along the Mediterranean Sea and came across a fun exercise park! 


Exercising on the beach

Exercising on the beach



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13 thoughts on “Holy Land Journey – Day 1

  1. Hi Kimberley,
    It’s interesting about the cats. I was in Greece in 2008 and noticed both cats and dogs roaming freely throughout Athens. Not so much on the islands. Perhaps this is common throughout the Mediterranean area!

    We were in Greece in June – also very hot – but I, like you would have thought the temperatures would be cooler at this time of year.



    • That is interesting, Sheri, about the animals roaming free. I am an animal lover and found it hard not to stop to pet each cat I saw!

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