Tips & Tricks – How to Keep Your Car Clean – Even With Dogs

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Welcome to Monday’s Tips & Tricks!

Every other week, I’d like to share with you a tip or trick that I’ve learned that has improved my life in some way.

How to Keep Your Car Clean – Even With Dogs

Keep car clean


My friend, Christine, and I walk around our country block most days. Sometimes when we have more time, we pack up Digger the dog and drive to a park or the local woods. Those days that we take Digger onto a path, he tends to seek out any water source to wade in and splash around. This is fun to watch, but he can get full of mud and make a mess of the interior of her car on the drive home.

Digger the dog

The solution? This waterproof blanket can easily be tied to the headrests. Digger can have a nap on the way home, without Christine stressing about the seats getting dirty.




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4 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks – How to Keep Your Car Clean – Even With Dogs

  1. Oh I like that solution. We have a small dog and if she gets muddy she just sits still on a towel. 🙂 But for those will dogs who will move around and ones that get really muddy this is a wonderful idea. You could market this. Or did you buy it.

  2. Digger my little star! Yes he does like to get into any and every mud puddle he can find and this protective cover has been a blessing on interior. It is so easy now to just unclip, shake out and hose down. Highly recommend for those with four legged family members.
    Thanks for featuring this one Kim!

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