Lose Weight & Keep it Off Summit with Rachel Almstedt

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Rachel Almstedt

To the Couch and Back

Rachel Almstedt turned a sick, tired and overweight existence back into a vibrant life by making simple, sustainable changes. Drawing on her own revolutionary experiences, background in education and training as an Integrative Nutrition Coach she now serves as a guide to others on their journey to Ultimate Health. She founded Pray Live Eat where she offers group classes, private coaching and an online support group. She believes healthy living is easy, fun and of course delicious and delights in sharing practical tips and encouragement with others. Find her at her website to join her free newsletter for healthy tips, inspiration and run recipes.

In today’s interview, To the Couch and Back, Rachel will share the 3 simple steps she took that led to healing and sustainable weight loss, how she has maintained this for the past 6 years, and bust common myths that keep you from successful weight loss.

You will learn:

  • 3 simple steps to lose weight and heal
  • The real secret to maintain your optimal weight
  • How to make healthy living easy


  Sorry, this summit video has now expired.

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7 thoughts on “Lose Weight & Keep it Off Summit with Rachel Almstedt

  1. Another great lesson. I have a question. What’s your thoughts about using some honey or do you consider that as sugar and not to be used? Thanks.

    • Hi Lil, my personal opinion is that pure honey and maple syrup are both are okay to use. We’ll see what Rachel says. 🙂

    • HI Lil,
      Thanks for watching the interview and reaching out. My thoughts on sweeteners is to find one you like(a natural one) and use as little of it as possible. Honey is a personal favorite of mine:) It has a lot of benefits and tastes good, but is still a sugar and should be used in moderation. Does that help?

  2. Thanks Kimberly, that was sort of my thought as well. I’ve been on WW for some time and lost 25 pounds, but sort of stalled. So the past few weeks, I’ve been doing no sugar-no flour. It’s been easier than I expected.

    • That’s fantastic that you’ve lost 25 pounds! Wow. We are on a similar journey. I also gave up sugar and flour, and it does get easier every day. I still eat honey and maple syrup, along with lots of fruit and dried fruit.
      Keep it up!

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