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Health MattersHealth Matters Podcast

“I like the simplicity of these four habits, simple yet potentially life changing. BEEP–that’s an acronym I can remember.”

“Thank you for all the tips. I will incorporate them into my daily routine bit by bit.”

“Great interview, great information. As one who has also lost and gained umpteen pounds over the decades, I appreciated hearing a Biblical perspective on this.”

“The content in this podcast is very good and the rapport engaging and honest.”


Episode 25: Sherry Stahl — Soul Refreshing

About the Show

In this episode we’ll be discussing the need for daily, physical and spiritual hydration.  Sherry will share a variety of information that will help you see the dangers in dehydration.  She’ll provide practical tools to help keep both physically and spiritually refreshed.

Sherry StahlYou will learn:

1. What happens when you don’t stay hydrated.
2. What the signs and phases of dehydration are.
3. How much water is enough.
4. Benefits of spiritual hydration.



Episode 24: Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith — Optimize your Health with Intentional Rest

About the Show

In this episode, we’ll be talking about the effects sleep-deprivation have on your overall health and wellbeing. We’ll be sharing tips to help your improve your sleep quality and secrets to help you optimize your health by incorporating intentional rest in your schedule.

Saundra Dalton-SmithYou Will Learn:

1. How important is sleep to our overall health and wellbeing?
2. What are some of the side effects of sleep deprivation?
3. Is there a difference between sleep and rest?
4. What is intentional rest? AND Why is intentional rest needed?
5. What can someone do to help them sleep better starting tonight?

Saundra Dalton-Smith-quote2



Episode 23: Laura Davis – It’s Not Your Fault

About the Show

Laura DavisIn this episode, we’ll be talking about dealing with an incurable disease that is inherited, but it can be delayed indefinitely with proper diagnosis.




You will learn:

  1. What is lipedema and why it’s hard to diagnose.
  2. If lipedama is treatable or if it can be prevented.
  3. Advice for family of those who suffer with an incurable disease.

Laura Davis-quote (3)

Episode 22: Julie Endl – Set Yourself Up for Success with a Healthy Breakfast

About the Show

Julie EndlIn this episode, we’ll be talking about breaking the fast. We’ll be sharing recipes and secrets so that you can easily start making small changes in your morning routine that, over time, will offer you great reward.



You will learn:

1. How to identify a better way to eat foods that provide the best nutrition for optimal health.

2. The reason to eat a healthy breakfast.

3. That being prepared for a healthy week ahead is necessary to reach their wellness goals.

Julie Endl-quote(3)

Episode 21: Adam Luckey – Loving Yourself Unconditionally

Adam LuckeyAbout the Show

In this episode, we’ll be talking about how to learn to practically love yourself the way the Father loves you through prayer, the word, and personal devotion time. As you do, you will truly experience the abundance of joy that love has to offer.


You will Learn:

  1. That loving yourself unconditionally is the foundation for any kind of transformation.
  2. That you cannot give away what you don’t have. It’s not selfish to make yourself a priority.
  3. Two practical ways people you can start loving yourself now.

Adam Luckey-quote (1)

Review Episode: Kimberley Payne – 20 Episodes Showcase

Health Matters Collage 2About the Show

I’m your host Kimberley Payne and this is the show for women who want to improve their spiritual and physical health. This is a special episode as this week we’re going to be celebrating the first 20 episodes with a review of each.



Episode 20: Linda Williams – Four Little Known Secrets Standing Between You and Destiny

Linda WilliamsAbout the Show

In this episode, we’ll be talking about why we can’t connect our realities with what we really want and where we should begin in uprooting self-defeating thought patterns.

You will learn:

  1. How long is your Get-Good-Enough-for-God List?
  2. Get out of your own way. What “write the vision” does and does NOT mean.
  3. Destiny doesn’t look the way you think it will. Why Destiny cannot deny you!

Linda Williams-quote (2)

Episode 19: Heidi Bylsma – What does it Mean to be Thin Within

Heidi BylsmaAbout the Show

In this episode, we’ll be talking about how God created our bodies fearfully and wonderfully. Thin Within encourages people to break free for life from dieting and allow God’s wonderful signals of hunger and satisfaction to direct our eating as we prayerfully submit to Him, aware that our hearts can be deceptive if we aren’t circumspect. There are a million reasons to love this approach to lasting weight loss!

You will learn

1. That God has made your body as a reliable indicator of when and how much you should eat without ever having to obsess about food again.
2. That God grants you discernment as you move along this path so that you notice how your body reacts to some foods.
3. That you can exercise in the same way that you eat…when you need to in the amount that you need to selecting exercise activities (like we do food) that are “whole body pleasers” and delight the soul…even as an act of worship.

Heidi Bylsma-quote (2)

Episode 18: Casey Sollock – Create the Health you C.R.A.V.E.

Casey SollockAbout the Show

In this episode, we’ll be talking about the 5 simple steps to create the health you crave.

You will learn:

1. How to change the way they feel about health.
2. How to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle.
3. The foods that will help bring the body back into balance.

Casey Sollock-quote (1)

 Episode 17: Kimberly Rae – Live Joyfully Despite Chronic Illness

Kimberly RaeAbout the Show

In this episode, we’ll be talking about health from the perspective of someone who lives with an incurable chronic condition.



You will learn:

  1. How chronic illness drastically affects the lives of those who have it.
  2. It’s very hard to live with a chronic illness, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.
  3. To not try to fake health to prove your worth to others.


Kimberly Rae - quote3

Episode 16: Angel Barrino – Wholeness in Life and Business

Angel BarrinoAbout the Show

In this episode, we’ll be talking about helping people tap into their God-given potential, gifts, skills and abilities to overcome life challenges, sabotaging behaviours and create multiple streams of income.

You will learn:

  1. How to overcome challenges and sabotaging behaviours
  2. What the G.R.O.W. acronym stands for and how can it help women
  3. What is one faith based interactions you can take to overcome obstacles

Angel Barrino-quote (1)

Episode 15: Cathy Morenzie – 3 Biggest Mistakes that keep Christian Women Overweight

Cathy MorenzieAbout the Show

Every year, well intentioned Christian women waste countless of hours feeling frustrated and overwhelmed because they spend thousands of dollars each year trying to lose weight and get healthier but they keep spinning their wheels. They can’t understand strategies that work for other people are not working for them and they can’t understand why their faith does not carry over into their health and weight. Despite all their prayers they are still not seeing results. Their declining health problems feel permanent and pervasive and they feel powerless to change it. This session will identify the top 3 mistakes and give women practical strategies so they can feel empowered and victorious.

You will learn:

1. How to stop trying so hard and start trusting God for your weight loss victory.
2. How to stop making common weight loss mistakes.
3. How to get to the root of your real weight loss issues.
4. How to move from fear to faith.
5. Practical strategies to overcome your weight loss challenges.

Cathy Morenzie - quote (2)

 Episode 14: Liz Faison – You Can Be Fit After 40

Liz FaisonAbout the Show

In this episode, we’ll be talking about basic tips for achieving and maintaining health and wellness after 40 through exercise and clean eating.



Liz Faison-quote1

 Episode 13: C. Nicole Swiner, MD – How to Avoid the Superwoman Complex

Nicole SwinerAbout the Show

In this episode, we’ll be talking about the Superwoman Complex – how we generally overwhelm ourselves with doing too much for too many and neglecting ourselves. This can lead to insomnia, obesity, depression, anxiety, and a host of medical problems and diseases.

Nicole Swiner-quote3

Episode 12: Summer Breskow – The Bodybuilding Approach to Health and Weight Loss

Summer BreskowAbout the Show

In this episode, we’ll be talking about macros. Each person needs a certain amount of macros—fats, carbohydrates, and proteins—each day to lose weight continuously.


Summer Breskow-quote

Episode 11: Laurie Graves – Fit for Freedom

Laurie GravesAbout the Show

Diets are based on the world’s wisdom, hype, and a lot of great marketing to sell a book or concept to the desperate masses. Over the years I tried every kind of strict diet only to fail. There are downsides and loopholes in nearly every plan. For instance, high protein diets work on the principal of dehydration, therefore you lose a lot of water weight in the initial 2-3 week of the diet. You are generally encouraged to reach “ketosis” which long term can be very taxing to the kidneys. In Weight Watchers the idea is that you participate in balanced eating, but many people store their points all day and overindulge in those little yummy cakes at night. Let’s discuss how God’s way can be more profitable and long lasting.

Laurie Graves-quote3

Review Episode: Kimberley Payne – 10 Episode Showcase

About thHealth Matters Collagee Show

I’m your host Kimberley Payne and this is the show for women who want to improve their spiritual and physical health. This is a special episode as this week we’re going to be celebrating the first 10 episodes with a review of each.



Episode 10: Sabrina Memminger – Awaken your Inner Princess

Sabrina MemmingerAbout the Show

Remembering who you are is about celebrating who God made you outside of our external factors, socio-economics, education, position, and status in life. What happens when you no longer have the external badges? From the natural standpoint, we may lose our influence. However, God has made each of us magnificent and worthy. This worthiness stands independent of outside sources. It’s based solely on God. This is the surest foundation on which to live our lives of faith. This is the truth of Remembering Who You Are, a King’s daughter.

Sabrina Memminger-quote3

Episode 9: John Hayden – What Does it Mean to be GodFit?

About tFitness instructor John Hayden, pictured Friday, Dec. 20, 2013, is the creator of GodFit, a program that combines exercise and spirituality.he Show

Understanding how fitness relates to our relationship with God and our ability to be a servant for His kingdom is crucial for discipleship. The goal is simple. Stay committed to becoming spiritually well and physically well, and watch God work in your life. Watch God transform your attitude, your energy levels, and your perceptions. The purpose of GODFIT is to learn how to become a better servant for God’s kingdom. We are all gifts to this world. We have all been given gifts for this world. THROUGH LOVE SERVE

John Hayden-quote

Episode 8: Renee Wiggins – Bouncing Back

About the Show

In this episode, we’ll be talking about how no matter what you are going through in life, keep your eyes on the prize, keep God first, by praying, meditating, saying affirmations and hanging with positive people.


Renee Wiggins-quote

Episode 7: CJ Hitz – Nurturing Body & Soul

CJ HitzAbout the Show

In the interview titled Nurturing Body & Soul, CJ Hitz talks about how he started running in his 30s and eating smoothies to support this new activity and the impact it had on his life.


CJ Hitz-quote

Episode 6: Brenda Wood – God, Gluttony & You

Brenda WoodAbout the Show

Gluttony is the ‘permissible’ Christian sin. Our lack of self-control is a blemish on our call to holy living. Brenda Wood wants to bring us to an awareness of our responsibility in this area.


Brenda Wood-quote2

Episode 5: Jennifer Waddle – Prioritize Your Life

Jennifer WaddleAbout the Show

God calls us to take ‘good’ care of ourselves. Not perfect care, but good care. Beginning with our hearts, then our minds, then our bodies, we can live under God’s Divine Imprint in every area. From the moment we looked at Jesus as our personal Savior, He became our Imprint. And by following our ‘First Love,’ we can get our lives in order, and all our ducks in a row.

Jennifer Waddle-quote

Episode 4: Rachel Almstedt – Simple Healthy Living

Rachel AlmstedtAbout the Show

Information and inspiration for women who want better health but don’t know where to start. Rachel Almstedt shares her background story and then talks through some of the biggest roadblocks that women face (busy, overwhelmed, and putting everyone else first). She gives simple solutions and shows the connection between faith and health. Listeners will walk away from the podcast with practical tips they can implement immediately and be full of positive energy to make it happen.

Rachel Almstedt-quote2

Episode 3: Rusty Nokes – The Fusion of Spiritual & Physical Fitness

Rusty NokesAbout the Show

Life is a full contact sport. Whether it is a cold, a disease, a bruise, broken bone, a divorce, lost job, a shoe shopping addiction, gossip or any spiritual attack… we will weather the storms of life much better (spiritual and physical) when we are spiritually and physically fit (Christ Fit). We will soar much higher on the updrafts of life when we are Christ Fit. Christ Fit is not about having a six pack mid section. It’s about being fit for life. It’s about being able to function and play with kids. It’s about being able to grow old and carry you own groceries. It’s about being a good steward of our bodies so that we can be of service to God in whatever he calls us to do. Everybody struggles and deals with something. Even if it’s not food the Christ Fit Fusion journal addresses. When you address the health and fitness of your spiritual life the other elements of life become easier to manage. (Matt 6:33 – Seek first the kingdom of God and everything else will! be added to you…)

Rusty Nokes-quote2

Episode 2: Barb Raveling – The Lies That Make You Eat

Barb RavelingAbout the Show

In Romans 12:2 Paul tells us we’re transformed by the renewing of the mind. In this episode we’ll talk about how to renew our minds so we can lose weight AND keep it off. We’ll also discuss the importance of boundaries and talk about specific lies that make us overeat and the truth that will set us free from the control of food.

Barb Raveling-quote

Episode 1: Stephanie Nickel Eclectically-Interested, Eclectically-Involved

Steph Beth NickelAbout the Show

How can busy women find time to tend to their spiritual and physical health? Should Christian women even care about exercise and healthy eating? Does communing with God mean only prayer and Bible study? Join author and fitness professional Kimberley Payne as she talks to Steph Beth Nickel, freelance writer and editor, labour doula, and former personal trainer, as they discuss the answers to these questions and more. Steph doesn’t claim to have arrived–whatever that means exactly. She, like all of us, is on a journey. At the end of their chat, don’t miss Steph’s quick tips regarding prayer, Bible study, exercise, and healthy eating.

Stephanie Nickel-quote2

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