12 Reasons You Should Walk

Why Walk? by Stephanie Nickel Sure, if you power walk or include short bursts of running/jogging while you’re out and about, you can increase your cardiovascular health—and that’s a very good thing. But are there other reasons to go for … Continue reading

6 Reasons to Take a Break by Stephanie Nickel

Just Walk Away Tense shoulders. Stiff neck. Aching back. If you work at your computer for hours each day, you may be all too familiar with these symptoms. And what about agitation, exasperation, and downright orneriness? If this sounds like … Continue reading

11 Ways to Turn Housework into Exercise by Stephanie Nickel

Is Housework Exercise? Raise your hand if your muscles have ever been exercise-tired after a good day of cleaning. That’s a pretty good indicator that your muscles are responding to all the lifting and bending and reaching. Here are 11 ways … Continue reading