Thirty-Day Challenge Check-In #1 by Stephanie Nickel

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Thirty-Day Challenge Check-In #1 by Stephanie Nickel

Check-in Sign

Check-in Sign by Petr Kratochvil

Hello, all . . . You may have read earlier this month that I am participating in a personal fitness challenge.

Here is a quick review:

1. Eat well six out of seven days.

2. Drink only one calorie-rich drink per day.

3. Eat only one snack per day (100 calories max.).

4. Walk three or more times per week.

5. Do resistance training three times per week.

So, how am I doing?

1.  Eat well six out of seven days: I am definitely eating better – not perfectly but better.

2. Drink only one calorie-rich drink per day: I have only fallen off the wagon once since I began. (FYI . . . I’m not counting meal replacement drinks in this category.)

3. Eat only one snack per day (100 calories max.): I have only fudged on this one once – I think. (I have had the occasional muffin that I haven’t counted as a snack because I cut back in other areas those days.)

4. Walk three or more times per week: I’m amazingly close to goal on this one. This makes my hubby happy because he likes to walk in the evening.

5. Do resistance training three times per week: I have been doing not too badly in this area as well. Mind you, since I’ve gone on a Cleaning Blitz, an official workout has gone by the wayside, but the decluttering is keeping me moving and lifting, lifting and moving.

Just what would I advise to keep you on track with your fitness goals? Here are a half dozen suggestions:

1. Don’t think in absolutes. I’ll never eat another chocolate bar. Like me, if you’re eating well six out of seven days, you won’t be so tempted to give up because of a slip. Factor in your “cheats.”

2. Getting and keeping your heart rate up is important, but not everyone is a runner. Bike. Swim. Walk. Run. Play squash. Whatever you enjoy – or dislike least.

3. Make a public declaration. Because I made my intentions known in several places around the Internet, I feel more accountable to onlookers.

4. Find a friend to journey with you. My hubby walks with me. My online friends and I check in with one another. Hint: Just don’t choose a partner who will help you come up with excuses to walk to the local coffee shop for a caramel macchiato and biscotti. Mm, caramel macchiato and biscotti.

5. Don’t beat yourself up if you have to ease up on your goals. Easing up and giving up are two different things. Every step in the right direction – no matter how small – is still admirable and a very good thing.

6. Don’t let x number of pounds or x size of clothes be your ultimate goal. A number is just that . . . a number. Do you feel healthier? Do you have more energy? Do you sleep better? Can you achieve more during your waking hours? These are just a few of the other goals for staying active. Your worth is not inversely proportional to your weight. Trust me. I know these things.

I’d love to hear about your personal challenges and tips for staying the course.

Remember to check with your doctor before changing your eating and/or exercise routine.

Stephanie NickelStephanie Nickel, CLD, PTS is a freelance writer and editor, a labour doula, and a personal trainer.

You can read about her eclectic interests and visit her website for more information.

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