Tips & Tricks – Google It!

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Welcome to Monday’s Tips & Tricks!

Every other week, I’d like to share with you a tip or trick that I’ve learned that has improved my life in some way.

Pictures by George Hodan

Pictures by George Hodan


What do you do when you don’t know the answer to a question? Google it!

When my husband and I argue about an actor’s name during a movie, we pause the movie to Google it. When I’m stumped by my bosses’ handwriting acronym, I take a moment to Google it. When I need to research a little-known fact about an animal for my children’s book, I spend time and Google it.

At a conference I attended, an expert in social media confessed that when he receives a question from a client that he doesn’t know the answer to he just Googles it. And then he charges the client for his time! 

Stumped by something? Just Google it!

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