Tips & Tricks – How to keep your kitchen organized

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Welcome to Monday’s Tips & Tricks!

Every other week, I’d like to share with you a tip or trick that I’ve learned that has improved my life in some way.

I grew up learning to be frugal. We used waxed paper to wrap our sandwiches for lunch and reused them for an entire week. We drank powered skim milk and powered orange juice. We collected and rolled loose change we found. I’m no stranger to reduce, reuse, recycle. 

As a mother, I hoped to lead by example and teach my own children to be frugal. One way was to reuse ziplock baggies. But the “junk” cupboard would soon become cluttered with used bags all floating around. I decided to reuse an old kleenex box to more easily contain the bags.

Reuse baggies


What tips can you share to keep your kitchen organized?

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