What do Money Values, Envy, Hugs and Prayer Have in Common?

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An Eclectic Collection of Articles

Over the last few months, I have been busy writing articles on the Medium platform.

I have collected them here for you and tried to organize them in a way that you can easily find which post may be of most interest.


Why it’s Absolutely Necessary for Every Christian to Study the Bible

How Memorizing Scripture Helped Me to Not Write a Scathing Letter

Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayer?

A Biblical Fact That Will Help Grow Your Faith 

How One Mother Dealt With the Devastating Drowning Murders 

How is Walking in God’s Will like a Puzzle?

What is a Christian Supposed to Look Like?

What does WIIFM Mean and How to Avoid it

The Veil Was Torn from Top to Bottom 

Is the Holy Spirit a Person?

You Bored With The Bible?

How Do You Plan to Spend your Life?

How to Serve God When You’re Not a Minister


My Adventure With Serpentes

Oh, Canada! How Do I Love Thee?

How to Memorize After Age 50

My Adventure as a Snowmobiler to Spot a Moose 

The Deacon’s Bench

Fitness & Health

Stretches for Writers to Relieve Back, Shoulder and Arm Pain





The Best Way to Know How Much Water to Drink





The Best Way to Eat Vegetables That You Hate





How to Fast That Will Help You in Your Faith





Top Reasons You Absolutely Need a Daily Nap





What’s the Value of a Hug?





5 simple Steps that Will Help You Reduce Stress


7 Ways to Teach Money Values to your Children





How to Be More Productive in One Simple Step





9 Strategies for a Successful Outdoor Book Launch





How to Dress for Success


The Disclosure


So You Wanna Be a Writer?





5 Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Book 





How to Persuade Your Audience 





Easy Ways to Add Legs to Your Business 





Beware the Danger of an Unauthorized Photo




They are very short reads (no more than 4 minutes each) that I hope you will enjoy!

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