What Do Prayer, Aqua-Aerobics and Writer’s Conferences Have in Common?

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An Eclectic Collection of Articles

A roundup of articles that I’ve written on the Medium platform in the last two weeks.

I’ve collected them here for you and tried to organize them in a way that you can easily find stories that may be of most interest.


Prayer and Action Go Hand in Hand





God Allows U-Turns





Why You Should Keep Your Eyes on the Road Ahead





How My Ritual of Prayer Changed Over the Years

Fitness & Health

How I Learned That God Wants My Obedience, Not Experience





Writing & Business

How This Writer Asks, “What Did I Learn Today?” to Guide Her Writing: An Interview with Janis Cox




How I Discovered What I Like to Write Best





Things to Keep in Mind When Attending a Writer’s Conference




How This Writer Learned That Words Matter: An Interview with Jennifer Gady



They are very short reads

(no more than 4 minutes each)

that I hope you will enjoy!

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