What do the Devil, exercises and Mother Teresa have in common?

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They are some of the topics I wrote about last month.

Here is a collection of my articles that I posted on Medium in the month of March. They are very short reads (no more than 4 minutes each) that I hope you will enjoy!



Are you good at Math or English?

Because you couldn’t possibly be good at both.

Exercises & Stretches to Make you a Better Writer

Do’s and Don’ts for an ergonomic work space

Why You Should Absolutely Take the Devil Seriously

Beware Uncle Screwtape’s advice to Wormwood

Do We Have to Follow All the Laws of the Bible?

Or Do We Have to Follow ANY of the Laws of the Bible?

Why is it Important to be Obedient to God?

And what happens when we’re not.

Who is Mother Teresa?

The Impact One Person Had on the World

Top 15 Creative Uses for Old Socks

A Fun Game to Play With Your Kids

Are You Afraid To Die?

The reason I’m no longer afraid to die

How to Say No to a Gift of Sugar

With a wide grin on her face, my daughter placed a chocolate bar in my open hand. “For you!” she…

How To Motivate Yourself to Like Exercise

3 Tips to Encourage You to Move


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