What Do Water, Horoscopes, Rats and Writing Have in Common?

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What Do Water, Horoscopes, Rats and Writing Have in Common?


These are just a few of the topics I’ve chosen to write about in my “The Lie I Once Believed” series.

They are quick 1-3 minute reads (and many others) that I hope you enjoy!

Give Up One Occult Practice That Will Help You Glorify God

The Lie I Once Believed About Horoscopes

Rats! The Best House Pet?

or Why I Believe your Next Pet Should be a Rat

Beware the Pitfalls of Writing Goals

My writer’s group asked a simple question, “What are your goals and ambitions regarding

Why Should You Worship?

And Why it Doesn’t Matter How You Feel

How Can I Be More Like Jesus?

or Why you Should Choose your Friends Wisely

How is God like a Sun Shower?

The trail beckoned me to explore it. It had a floor of stone and wood chips and was wide enough for a small…

Why Do My Prayers Go Unanswered?

What happens when we purposely choose to be disobedient.

3 Ways to Motivate Your Children to Exercise

Getting your kids to turn off the GameBoy, Xbox, Apple phone, or whatever is the…


Top Tip to Improve Your Presentation

I’ve led many workshops over the last 20 years and have learned countless tips about improving…

Great is His Faithfulness

At church on Sunday, they sang a song from the hymnbook called, Great is Thy Faithfulness. The lyrics were by…


The Best Way to Fit Exercise Into Your Day

Hint: Make your fitness purposeful



How Do We Get God’s Blessing?

And why it’s so hard.


Small Business Owners Beware


Are you good at Math or English?

Because you couldn’t possibly be good at both.

Love Means Nothing?

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. My stomach ached and so I chose a cozy blanket and curled up in front of the television…

How is God Like a Fire?

The night was the same as the three that had preceded it. The sky was void of clouds and the air cooled dramatically…


Can I Assume How God Will Answer my Prayers?

“Mommy, can you buy me a new bike?”

Is God Mean?

Every Friday night, our family celebrates with pizza and a movie. It’s a relaxing way to end the week, spend time together, and enjoy a…

40 Things that I Love

A Challenge

Janis Cox tagged me in a challenge to list 40 things I love. As this will take me…


Does God Desire a Personal Relationship?

Starting Your Day Right by Joyce Meyer states:


Avoid Occult Practices That Will Help You Honour God

The Lie I Once Believed About Yoga

How to Make One Change That Will Help You Lose Weight

The Lie I Once Believed About Fruit Juice


The Lie I Once Believed About Prayer

As a young teenager, I would take my dog for a walk in the back fields behind my house. Many…

Another Lie I Once Believed About Exercise

As a former personal trainer, I had clients come to me to get in shape, increase…

A Biblical Fact That Will Help Your Faith

The Lie I Once Believed About Adam & Eve


The Lie I Once Believed About Exercise

I grew up in an active household where my parents took us camping every summer and we hiked…

The Lie I Once Believed About Church

As a young child, my family attended church every Sunday. I hated to miss it and on weekends…

The Lie I Once Believed About Water

Growing up in the 70s, we lived in a home with a well. The iron content was high and the water…

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