What Does Pain, Prayer, and the Physical Body Have in Common?

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An Eclectic Collection of Articles

A roundup of articles that I’ve written on the Medium platform in the last two weeks.

I’ve collected them here for you and tried to organize them in a way that you can easily find stories that may be of most interest.


How the Body of Christ Is Like Our Physical Body






How I Know I Was Being Prayed For






How Can We Best Deal With Those Who Cause Us Pain?






How the Sinner’s Prayer Grapples With the Legal System






How Anger and Indignation Don’t Work as Well as Prayer






How My Dream Taught Me to Write Everything Down






How a Simple Acronym Improved My Prayer Life






How Prayer is Better Than Dale Carnegie’s Advice






How I Was Convicted of My Complaining Attitude


Fitness & Health

Why We Should Strive for Progress, Not Perfection






The Benefits of Weight-Bearing Exercise for Menopausal Women





How This Writer Believes That Writing is Better Than Speaking






8 Reasons Why a Team Approach to Marketing is Better Than Going Solo





How This Writer Contrasts Culture and Faith








They are very short reads

(no more than 4 minutes each)

that I hope you will enjoy!

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