What hidden obstacles you can expect from your mind

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Do not let your mind let you down

What hidden obstacles you can expect from your mind by Lucy Miller

There are several crucial areas where your mind may create obstacles when you are striving for a goal. Understanding these barriers and dealing with them will help you overcome these obstacles and help you attain the success you deserve.

Don’t Over Invest in Your Goal

Over investment may mean that you care too much about your goal. While it should be an important part of your life, reaching your goal may have its challenges. But if you care too much about your goal and it becomes a part of you, you may get hurt emotionally and psychologically.

If your goal becomes your total identity and reaching your goal ruins your self-esteem, you may become preoccupied with any results, and especially preoccupied with failing. The more preoccupied you become with the possibility of failure, the more you become stressed out. The more stressed you become about failing, the more tenuous and cautious you become. Instead of gaining skills and becoming a confident individual while reaching your goal, just the opposite happens. You become so afraid of failure that you can’t do the quality of job or reach your personal best.

How to Overcome Over Investing in Your Goal

Give your goal your best, but don’t make reaching your goal your entire life. Continue to develop your personal and spiritual life so that you will receive personal satisfaction outside the goal you are seeking to attain. Remember that your family and friends will still love you and you will still have success in your personal life, even if your intended goal isn’t met. Develop your spiritual side as well as the goal oriented areas of your life. Look at progress as well as achievement and awards and appreciate your hard work.

Striving for Perfection

People have been striving for perfection since the dawn of time. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees on what makes a situation perfect. If you’ve set unattainable goals, you’ll frequently be disappointed and spend a lot of time beating yourself up. Also, because you are afraid of being imperfect, you may be afraid to take necessary risks. Being afraid to take risks may limit the amount of personal growth you can make. Perfectionists are so afraid to fail that they sabotage their successes and are never happy because they are never perfect enough.

Dealing with Perfectionism

Everyone wants to be accurate and detail oriented when achieving their goals. To strive for a high-quality, realistic goal, a person must use all of the positive aspects of perfectionism without falling into any of the pitfalls. Strive for excellence. Take enough chances to grow, knowing that you can challenge your limits without needing to be perfect. If you can challenge yourself to greater heights without causing anxiety, you will have both happiness and improved performance toward your goals.

Fear of Failure

Fear of failure keeps people from reaching their goals. Because an individual is afraid to fail, they never start striving for a goal in the first place. For that reason, many individuals get stuck before they even get started, because they have anxiety about whether or not they will succeed. You may fear rejection if you don’t succeed.

Getting over Fear of Failure

Fear of failure can be the most damaging of all mental obstacles. But it is almost impossible to learn or grow in any area of life without stumbling and falling. You didn’t learn to walk or run perfectly in one day. It takes practice and experience to become an expert at any goal for which you may strive. So throw yourself into your most recent goal and if you stumble, pick yourself up and keep going.


If you have practiced any of the above obstacles before in striving to reach a goal, you’ll understand all about negativity. One of the priorities of your life should be to remove negativity and negative expectations from your life, your performance and your goals. If you wish to ensure failure, expect to fail. If you expect to succeed or improve, you will succeed, or at the least, you will improve.

You may not be perfect or become too vested in striving for your goal from time to time. Remember that how you run the race is as important as reaching the goal. And remember that God loves you and accepts you as you are, but wants you to be the best you can be.


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Lucy Miller is a nutrition student, marathon runner, and a passionate writer for http://mindyourzen.com, a brain nutrition supplement brand. She contributes on a number of blog sharing useful health tips from her research as a nutrition student. She can be reached at lucy@mindyourzen.com

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