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Kimberley has taught workshops in a variety of settings including churches, women’s retreats, writers’ conferences, and Women Alive conferences. Kimberley’s energetic and enthusiastic presentations motivate individuals to reach their faith and fitness goals.

What past participants have said:

  • It was very well prepared and delivered. The message was clear!

  • Ties in beautifully~ we need to keep working at maintaining a healthy whole body, mind, spirit and body

  • A great way to incorporate physical fitness with spiritual fitness

  • Well done! Sharing thoughts with each other, looking after my physical and spiritual well being

  • The message helped to reaffirm my beliefs and thoughts about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Realize that you can work and pray to ensure you are both physically and mentally healthy

  • Positive, proactive, and useable ideas!

  • It made me realize how necessary and good it is to keep fit, physically and spiritually by following useful ideas presented. Thank you!

  • Great ways to link things together and we do need spirit mind and body to be whole, but they do not always need to be done hand in hand, although they can 

  • Gets me back on track to exercise and continue to run and say Rosary daily!

  • Kimberley offered easy solutions to increase our activity level and [showed] how easy it can be to fit in prayer in every aspect of our life

  • That being active doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym~ small activities can be just as beneficial 

  • Engaging in your spirituality contributes to healthy living

  • I liked the similarities and comparisons made to the bible and the idea of always having enough time, I don’t spend enough time doing this

  • Great presentation!

Workshop Topics

Fit for prayer

Learn how to fit prayer and physical activity into your daily routine
This workshop unites physical health and spiritual health to lose weight and develop a deeper relationship with God. In this highly interactive session, you will gain insight into how to incorporate prayer and fitness into your daily round.

Food for Thought

Find out how to nourish your body and spirit through healthy eating and Bible study
Just as eating healthy foods nourishes your body, Bible study nourishes your spirit. You will learn practical suggestions and scriptural guidance to achieve your goals. Feel the joy of a healthier and more spiritually fit life.

Flex your Spirit

Discover a new way to express yourself with God through journal writing and stretching
Taking care of yourself physically is one way to honor God with your body. Your thoughts and emotions directly influence your physical health. Learn how to recharge your physical and emotional health through stretching activities for your body and spirit.

List of Clients:

  • Authentic Women of Canada (AWOC), Burlington
  • Baptist Church, Peterborough
  • Calvary Pentecostal Church, Peterborough
  • Christian Reform Church, Orillia
  • Emmanuel Pentecostal Church, Port Perry
  • Fellowship Baptist Church, Cobourg
  • First Baptist Church, Brampton
  • Good Words, Toronto
  • Lakeshore St. Andrew’s Presbyterian, Tecumseh
  • Millbrook Christian Assembly, Millbrook
  • Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC), Ottawa
  • PVNC Catholic District School Board (PVNCCDSB), Peterborough
  • St. Thomas Anglican Church, Millbrook
  • St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, King City
  • The Word Guild, Guelph and Toronto
  • Women Alive, Peterborough and Toronto
  • Women’s Day Together, Haliburton


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