My Prayer, Praise & Gratitude Journal

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My Prayer, Praise & Gratitude Journal 

A 26-Week Christian Notebook to Record Daily Petitions, Answers, and Blessings

Do you want to deepen your connection with God? Discover these prompts to encourage you to be more intentional in your prayer life.

Are you looking to make prayer a daily habit? Do you want a gentle reminder of God’s love and caring? Have you wanted to foster an attitude of gratitude? Kimberley Payne believes in cultivating the habit of daily prayer, praise, and gratefulness.

My Prayer, Praise & Gratitude Journal features space to record your prayer requests, answers to prayer, and God’s blessings. By daily working through this journal, you will gain a robust prayer life, confirmation that God hears your prayers, and a new appreciation for the little things.

In My Prayer, Praise & Gratitude Journal you will discover:

Encouragement to maintain a prayer routine
Easy-to-access testimony of answered prayer
Scripture verses highlighting the power of prayer
Gentle reminders to thank God for your blessings
A greater sense of peace and joy

My Prayer, Praise & Gratitude Journal is a journal that reminds you that God is the giver of all good things. If you like faith-building books, then you’ll love this journal that focuses on life’s blessings.

Buy My Prayer, Praise & Gratitude Journal to feel encouraged and strengthened in your faith today!

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Customer Reviews

Love it! I am giving these away as gifts!
by Tracy Krauss
Yes! What a wonderful tool for keeping track of one’s prayers! I love the simple format and the flexibility. I can actually see myself using this one over and over again. It is another great way to keep a record of prayers and answers to prayers! I am going to purchase more of these as gifts.

The Perfect Prayer Keepsake
by Lynne Collier
It’s easy to use, with prompts and scripture. A book to treasure and look back on and see how God answers our prayers.

It focuses prayer
by Melanie Martin
This journal has been helpful to me as it helps to focus my prayer time and also helps me listen to God more.
When I open up a page, I start with a listening stance as I think about the people God has placed on my heart and the Scripture that He has for me today. I like the reminder to think about what I am praising God for. That lifts my spirit and helps shift my attitude towards gratitude! I like also that I can look back on previous days and see God’s faithfulness to me as I review answered prayer.
Thank you, Kim for this book that helps me deepen my prayer time with God!

Easy to use. Great size.
by Janis Cox
I’m loving this journal. Finally a place to keep my prayer and praise record. Not too big, clearly laid out. Makes me slow down and think. And I can do this each day. Lots of pages to record.Habit-Forming
by Steph
I use this simplified prayer journal daily. And I love it!by Melissa H.

Beautiful journal to use for daily prayer, praise, and reflection. Scripture is shared throughout the journal. The design is easy to use and inspirational. I received a complimentary copy of the book. No review was required.

Excellent book
by Tammy S.
Prayer builds your spiritual strength. Still your mind and listen for God’s word. Kimberley shows how to study God’s word. Journaling is a wonderful tool. It is a journal, everyone needs. Kimberley’s wisdom is a fountain of joy.

Thoroughly Enjoyed!!
by Ruth Ann Adams
Canadian author Kimberley Payne has designed a journal to help with your walk with God. There are spaces to record daily prayer requests, things you are grateful for, a scripture verse and more. I highly recommend this easy to use and encouraging journal.

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