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Kimberley Payne is a prolific non-fiction writer who writes to equip women for faithful living.



Lose Weight & Feel Great


Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit

4 Key Habits to improve your personal health

Seven health and fitness guests were interviewed on Kimberley Payne’s podcast called Health Matters – Healthy Spirit Healthy Body. They all agree that prayer and Bible study are to the spirit what exercise and healthy eating are to the body.

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Review of Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit:

“These are great tips about how to study your Bible, Exercise, Eat Healthy and Pray. BEEP. A free gift of 2 weeks of emails to help Jump Start your life. Inspiring and encouraging..”



Fit for Faith – 7 weeks to improved spiritual & physical health

Fit for Faith is a 7-week journal designed to strengthen the believer’s Christian walk. It’s a motivational tool to empower women to improve their physical health to live balanced, whole, and joyous lives that glorify God.

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This book is great for your Fitness Ministry! If your church is looking for a resource to complement your Christian faith-based workouts, you can request FREE Leader’s notes.

Review of Fit for Faith:

“In Fit for Faith, Kimberley Payne offered me no quick fixes or tricks for weight loss. Instead, this program caused me to consider my lifestyle and apply godly principles, nutritional wisdom and scriptural guidance to achieve my goals. Fit for Faith gave me the freedom to experience the joy of a healthier and more spiritually fit life.”


NEW! Fit for Faith is now available as an online course!

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Women of Strength

A Devotional to Improve Spiritual & Physical Health

Women of Strength is the perfect companion for your health program. Each season is further divided into 6 sections that include an inspirational devotional, a fact on common health and fitness questions, a reflection, a prayer, a Bible verse, and an energizing exercise.

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Review of Women of Strength:

“Firstly, I want you to know how much I enjoy your book! It’s so important to keep fit while we keep the faith. I have MS and I know all too well how easy it is for muscles to atrophy if we don’t use them. I strive to exercise, and keep my muscles as toned as the disease allows. Blessings.”




A Catalyst to Launch you into a Daily Spiritual & Physical Health Routine

JumpStart provides a daily prayer, a scripture verse, an exercise challenge, and a healthy eating challenge.

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Review of JumpStart:

“Payne puts together a great synopsis of how to have a blessed, balanced week.”  


Get The Skinny

 Answers to 45 Frequently Asked Health & Fitness Questions

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Review of Get the Skinny:

“This is a very practical little book! It answers many of my health and fitness questions and also many that I hadn’t even thought about! it is also very easy to read, with short, direct topics that can be flipped to in an instant. I love that the author is so aware of the needs of ‘regular’ people like me, who want to maintain or gain fitness and health levels without necessarily becoming super athletes. I will recommend it to my friends.”


Fit for Prayer cover-1400 pixels

Fit for Prayer Learn how to fit prayer and physical activity into your daily routine. The book unites physical health and spiritual health to help you lose weight and develop a deeper relationship with God.

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Food for Thought cover-1400 pixelsFood for Thought Find out how to nourish your body and spirit through healthy eating and Bible study. Just as eating healthy foods nourishes your body, Bible study nourishes your spirit. You will learn practical suggestions and scriptural guidance to achieve your goals. Buy the book: Amazon or Smashwords   Flex your Spirit cover-1400 pixels

Flex your Spirit Discover a new way to express yourself with God through journal writing and stretching. Learn how to recharge your physical and emotional health through stretching activities for your body and spirit. Buy the book: Amazon or Smashwords

Collect them all!



Children’s Books

Raising the next generation in the faith


Animals of the Bible

Over 35 Animal Bible Stories

Animals of the Bible is the second book in the Science & Faith Matters Series. It’s an entertaining and educational introduction to animals and their Bible stories ideal for 6- to 9-year-olds.   Buy the book: Amazon or Smashwords

Review of Animals of the Bible:

Carol Stratton says, “Author Kimberley Payne has done a thorough job of researching the animal kingdom and combining it with scripture and biblical stories. This book has many fascinating facts about animals and is laid our in a very organized manner.”


30 Super Simple Animal Crafts for Kids

Crafting 30 different animals out of pipe cleaners, clothespins, googly eyes, and paint has never been so much fun! Delight in this fun-filled book of clear directions and pictures of easy-to-create animals from Amazing Ant to Wiggly Worm. With only a few simple supplies you can make an afternoon of fun at home, at church or at grandma’s house. Buy the book: Amazon  

Review of 30 Super Simple Animal Crafts for Kids:

“The crafts are adorable and highly imaginative. Most can be done fairly quickly and contain clear, concise instructions.” R. Grant


Trees of the Bible

7 Bible Stories Told From the Viewpoint of a Tree

Trees of the Bible is the first book in the Science & Faith Matters series. It’s an entertaining and educational introduction to trees and their Bible stories. It’s ideal for 7-9-year-olds, for home or school use and classroom sharing in grades 2/3 to supplement the Life Sciences Curriculum on Plant Life. Buy the book: Amazon or Smashwords

Review of Trees of the Bible:

 “Activities are fun, challenging and age appropriate.”Julie Connolly, Separate School Librarian


ABCs of Scripture for Kids

Learn God’s Word through these ABC Bible Verses

It’s never too early to introduce kids to God’s Word. Help your children learn 26 Bible verses as they learn the alphabet. Memorizing Bible verses can be as easy as learning your ABCs! ABCs of Scripture for Kids Buy the book: Amazon or  Smashwords


ABCs of Psalms for Kids

Learn God’s Word through these ABC Bible Verses

It’s never too early to introduce kids to God’s Word. Help your children learn 26 Bible verses from Psalms as they learn the alphabet. Memorizing Bible verses can be as easy as learning your ABCs! ABCs of Psalms for Kids Buy the book: Amazon or Smashwords


ABCs of Gratitude

Give Thanks for Your Blessings Through These ABC prompts

It’s never too early to introduce kids to being grateful. Help your children learn thankfulness as they learn the alphabet. Starting with the letter A, write or draw something you are thankful for. ABCs of Gratitude Buy the book: Amazon or Smashwords



Stories Offering Hope and Encouragement


My Journey to the Holy Land

A Devotional Photo Journal

This short book is a devotional photo journal inspired by the author’s 10-day trip to Israel. My_Journey_to_the_Holy_Land_Cover Buy the book: Smashwords or Amazon

Review of My Journey to the Holy Land:

“I have always wanted to take a trip to the Holy Land and after reading this book and seeing the breathtaking photos I do even more. This book is more than a photo journal. It’s inspiring, insightful and beautiful. I also love how the author adds Scripture and her insight with each new day on the journey. This is a good book to have if you are thinking about going to the Holy Land or even if you already went. Beautifully done.”


Think Snow Devotional

 A Collection of Devotional Writings for Snowmobilers

This short book holds a collection of devotional writings, which explore the joys and challenges of snowmobiling and building a relationship with God. Think_Snow_Devotional_Cover Buy the book: Smashwords or Amazon

Review of Think Snow:

“The illustrations presented regarding useful things to know about snowmobiling are fittingly used to also illustrate how to keep our faith path in shape. Kimberley’s ‘Think Snow Devotional’ is a light fun read and a gentle reminder to readers of how precious our common faith is.” 


ABCs of Gratitude

Giving thanks through the alphabet for your blessings

Do you want to foster an attitude of gratitude for the next 26 days? Each day will feature a new letter from the alphabet as a prompt for you to share at least one thing for which you are thankful.Cover for ABCs   Buy the book: Smashwords or Amazon

Review of ABCs of Gratitude:

“Really enjoying the ABCs of Gratitude challenge. It’s like getting a bunch of testimonies every day, and that is enormously encouraging.”  


Feed Your Spirit

A Collection of Devotionals on Prayer

Feed Your Spirit is a collection of devotionals on prayer. Feed Your Spirit Buy the hardcopy: Amazon or FREE e-bookAmazon

Review of Feed Your Spirit:

“I really enjoyed the devotional – thanks again for sending it to me. I used it as a spiritual checklist for my prayer life and appreciated your vulnerability and the examples and symbols you provided within it.”




Night Stories

Night Stories is a collection of eight devotionals about the author’s personal dream stories and what she felt God spoke to her through them. Night Stories - cover Buy the book:  Amazon or Smashwords

Review of Night Stories:

“I really like these articles. They speak directly to my life and there is something practical in them that I can do something about. Kimberley starts us off on the right track for the day – bringing in wonderful lessons related to Scripture.”


Where Fitness Meets Faith

Where Fitness Meets Faith is a fresh, insightful collection of devotional articles with reflections about the similarities between the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and building a relationship with God. Buy the book: Amazon or Smashwords

Review of Where Fitness Meets Faith:

“For years I’ve read Kimberley’s devotional thoughts and they’re always relevant,challenging, encouraging and uplifting. She has an incredible knack for sharing everyday “stuff” and mixing in her personal faith.”  


Where Family Meets Faith

Where Family Meets Faith is written and compiled especially for families. It is a collection of devotionals that show the similarities between the challenges of raising a family and building a relationship with God. Buy the book: Amazon or Smashwords

Review of Where Family Meets Faith:

“I wanted to let you know your devotional that you gave to me for new believers I passed on to my sister out west. She only gave her heart to Christ last year and would love the devotions. I was reading it and immediately knew they would touch her heart. Thank you for that blessing.”


Where Life Meets Faith

Where Life Meets Faith is a collection of devotional articles, which explore the challenges of living life and building a relationship with God. Buy the book: Amazon or Smashwords

Review of Where Life Meets Faith:

“The author did an amazing job putting together a compilation of life principles/topics on life, faith and God. Each devotional has her unique story that applies to the topic and she ends each one with a correlating scripture to reinforce the message. This book is an inspiring weekly devotional that draws you closer to God.”


 Inspirational Scripture Images

Inspirational Scripture Images contains a variety of photos from around my neighbourhood. Each image has a familiar scripture imprinted on it. Inspirational Scripture Images Buy the book: Amazon

Review of Inspirational Scripture Images:

“I love having these images and scriptures on my iPad, to pull up whenever I like – especially when I’m stressing out and need a quick reminder of how to settle down again.” 




Tooth for Tooth

Dumped into single parenthood, Heather Williams has found a part-time job as a dental receptionist and a cozy apartment with her four-year-old daughter. Life finally looks safe and secure until her daughter reveals a terrifying secret that she’s been molested by her own father. While struggling with her feelings towards her new boss, Heather tries to get the help her daughter needs, navigate the court system, and protect the child from further harm. Tooth for Tooth novel cover Buy the book: Amazon or Smashwords

Review of Tooth for Tooth:

“The author has done a wonderful job of giving the reader a glimpse into the world of the Children’s Aid Society and what is involved when something like this happens. She has done her research and it shows. The nonsense that our main character endures within the legal system are realistic and I’m sure will ring true to anyone who has had to live through such a nightmare. Which makes this story all the more poignant. While this is hard to read because of the subject matter, the end result is a book that will leave you with a good feeling. A highly recommend it!”



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