Meeting Faith Devo – Free Book January 6-8th 2022

My newest ebook, Meeting Faith – 100 Devotions for Women on Family, Fitness and Faith, is now available on Amazon. It’s a collection of my devotions from Where Life Meets Faith, Where Family Meets Faith, and Where Fitness Meets Faith. 3 books … Continue reading

JumpStart Group Challenge – free spiritual & physical health challenge

JumpStart Group Challenge Do you need a little push with your spiritual & physical fitness? JumpStart Group Challenge is a FREE program that will run for 2 weeks, March 1st to 14th, and we will go through it together as … Continue reading

The Best Way to Eat Vegetables That You Hate

Photo by ImageParty via pixabay The Best Way to Eat Vegetables That You Hate It’s so easy everyone should do it!   Broccoli? Yuck. Kale? Isn’t that seaweed? I’ve never been a big supporter of veggies. Growing up I only liked the green … Continue reading