5 Healthy Habits That Help Mental Health

Let’s Talk by Steph Beth Nickel Many men and women, boys and girls struggle with anything from mild anxiety to severe depression. Last month’s hashtag discussion reminded me of some important reasons to get—and stay—active. 1. The Importance of Physical Activity … Continue reading

12 Healthy Habits to Incorporate This Autumn

How Not to Fall this Autumn by Steph Beth Nickel When you’ve finished groaning over the title, let’s discuss 12 healthy habits to incorporate this autumn. 1. Walk outside while you can. (While some people love outdoor winter activities—Kimberley, for … Continue reading

5 Ways to Handle Temptations to Overeat

5 Ways to Handle Temptations to Overeat by Stephanie Nickel Did Someone Say Cheesecake?  I’m coming close to the end of the July fitness challenge. It has been great. I’m walking more, doing more resistance training (with heavier weights to … Continue reading