What’s Your Story?

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Personal Testimonies to Encourage Your Faith

What’s Your Story?
Personal Testimonies to Encourage Your Faith

Do you want to be encouraged in your Christian walk? Discover these personal testimonies that can boost and enliven your belief.

Are you a believer looking to be uplifted in your faith?  Do you want to be inspired by stories from other Christians? Have you ever wanted evidence of transformation in Christ? Kimberley Payne compiled real-life stories from seekers worldwide coming to faith in Jesus.

What’s Your Story? is a book of 25 testimonies from disciples from different walks of life who asked Jesus to become their Lord and Saviour.

Kimberley shares compelling anecdotes from people choosing to be “born-again” and how their lives were changed forever after being drawn into a personal relationship with Him.

By reading these stories you’ll be feeling encouraged as a believer and strengthened to live out your faith each day.

In What’s Your Story you’ll discover:

  • Authentic personal experiences of salvation
  • Evidence of transformation in lives
  • Stories from people from different walks of life
  • Changed lives that once seemed hopeless
  • Accounts of how God met each person at a critical point

What’s Your Story is an inspirational anthology that demonstrates God’s love, grace, and mercy available to anyone who calls on Him.

If you like unique stories, you’ll love this book of salvation accounts that will increase your faith in God. Buy What’s Your Story to enrich your spiritual life today!

Personal Testimonies to Encourage Your Faith

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Customer Reviews

Such an encouragement during these times!
by Arulnathan John
Amid the uncertainty and trials that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on lives all around us, these stories will do well in the 3Rs – Redemption, Reinvention, Rejuvenation – that we all need! Lives that seemed hopeless have been changed, darkness has been overcome by light and sadness turned to joy! I have been very encouraged and uplifted and these stories will do the same, and more, for you too!

How People Met Jesus
by Lynne Collier
Encouraging Life Stories
by David Fisher
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