How Speaking the Name of Jesus Saved Me in My Nightmare

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How Speaking the Name of Jesus Saved Me in My Nightmare

Photo by Glen Hodson on Unsplash

I had the dream again last night.

Or maybe I should call it a nightmare.

I’m standing in a beautiful century home with many rooms. Everything about the house is stunning from the hardwood floors to the ornate ceilings. It’s furnished with decorative accessories and expensive furniture. It’s the house of my dreams.

However, it houses my nightmares.

I cannot go up the stairs to the upper rooms because of the presence that lives there. It’s an evil presence.

The kind of evil that makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.

I am filled with terror to ascend those stairs.

Yet I must.

As I walk up the staircase, my body starts to shiver. My lips quiver. My hands tremble.

Then I feel it.

The evil presence lifts me off the stairs. I am hovering off the ground as I gasp for air. I clench my chattering teeth to hold back my screams.

Yet within my terror, I feel growing courage. My whimpering stops.

I speak.

“I am a daughter of the King.”

I gain strength.

“I am a Christian. Jesus loves me. He died for me. I belong to Jesus.”

I start to shout.

“Get out! You have no control over me! I belong to Christ!”

I start to laugh through my cries.

“You are defeated! You have no power over me! Jesus is my Saviour! He defeated you! You are nothing!”

My feet are returned to solid ground. The presence leaves.

I awake.

I don’t know when I will have the same dream again. But I do know that as a Christ-follower all I need to do is speak the name of Jesus and I will be saved.

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4 thoughts on “How Speaking the Name of Jesus Saved Me in My Nightmare

  1. That name si power and no mistaking it. Years ago I lay in bed one night and literally saw 2 black beings at the end of my bed. It was no dream. It was very real. They were talking to each other though I did not understand what they were saying. I was terrified, but knew that if I could only say the name “Jesus” they would leave. But it was as though my tongue was swollen and filling my whole mouth so I could not speak. Finally I was able to get some semblance of speech and though it was barely understandable, I did speak His name. Those demons disappeared and never came back again. Praise the Lord!

      • You are welcome.

        Around the same time I had another, quite different, experience. It was also at night, and back when we didn’t lock our doors. My apartment was at the back of a house on a dead-end street with nothing behind me but the river flats. This time I saw nothing. It was what I heard. It seemed like someone might have come in my door and what I heard was the air swishing out of the vinyl cushion on my chair as though someone had sat down on it. Again, I was scared, but knew I had to overcome the fear. By morning, I had decided I would bravely go to the living room and confront whoever was there and offer them something to eat. Thank the Lord, that didn’t happen because when I looked, there was no one there. I do think it could have been something demonic, though, but by winning out over fear it had to leave. God is good.

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