Playing Church

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Photo by Samantha Sophia on Unsplash

Sunday morning.

I wake up in a strange room.

I realize I’m in my best friend’s bed.

My bestie lightly snores beside me.

Her family has no plans to go to church today.

Should I rush home on my bicycle to attend church with my family?

Or do I stay in my pajamas and enjoy a leisurely morning with my bestie?

The guilt of missing church is crushing.

Do I stay, or do I go?

I want to stay but I feel like I have to go.

Isn’t it a sin to miss church?

Time is ticking.

I have to make a decision, quick.

My bestie wakes. She wants me to stay.

To play.

Yes! We can play.

Let’s play church.

We set up the living room.

My bestie finds an old missal.

My young mind has memorized most of the service.

We sing a hymn.

We read a scripture.

We eat a piece of bread and drink some juice.

We end with, “Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.”

Guilt abated.

Sunday afternoon.

We play.

(First featured on Medium platform November 27, 2021)

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