What I Learned About the Lord’s Prayer

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What I Learned about the Lord’s Prayer

When I was growing up, the first prayer I learned at home was the “Our Father”. We said it at every meal with my dad leading the prayer and the rest of the family joining in half way.

We also started our school day reciting the prayer in class before we sang Canada’s national anthem. As a congregation on Sunday, we would pray together the Lord’s Prayer.

It was a normal part of my day to say this prayer and I had it memorized from a young age.

This prayer was first taught by Jesus when His disciples asked Him to teach them to pray. (Matthew 6:9) At church on Sunday, Pastor Flight preached on the power of prayer and in his sermon he went line by line through the Lord’s Prayer.

I don’t want to dissect the whole prayer but rather talk about the first word, “Our”.  I’ve read about what each line in the prayer means but never heard the “Our” explained in such a way.

The focus was always on the “Father” and how God is our heavenly Father who loves us and delights in the love of His children. God is the Father not only of Jesus but of all of us. We pray to Him as brothers and sisters in Christ.

But it also refers to the fact that Jesus is with us when we pray. He did not say to pray to “My” Father but rather to “Our” Father.

I may be alone in my bedroom praying to God, but I am never truly alone. Jesus is with me. I find great comfort in knowing that Jesus is with me when I pray. (tweet this)

Have you learned anything new about prayer?


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