Do you Believe in God Only to Make you Feel Better?

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Do you Believe in God Only to Make you Feel Better?

Do you Believe in God Only to Make you Feel Better?

It started with my separation in 1997.

Life with the white-picket fence and the Happily-Ever-After just didn’t unfold for me as I had expected. Then shortly after that, I learned that my child had been molested. The next few years of dealing with the Children’s Aid Society, lawyers, and the legal system (not at all like it’s portrayed on television) were what I would describe as a descent into hell.

The only good that had come out of that horror was my shallow religion and belief in God changed to a deep relationship and believing God.

In 2001, I gave my heart to Jesus and was born again. My faith has changed. I thank my Lord that He was with me through those dark years. I truly believe that I wouldn’t have been able to survive, and even thrive, without Him.

I’ve been accused of only believing in God because it makes me feel better. And the accusation has been extended to all who have turned to God in crisis for comfort and support stating that the only reason I (we) believe in God is so I (we) can handle a bad experience.

As if God is some sort of security blanket; a celestial Prozac. He isn’t actually real but just a go-to when tough times hit. Nothing could be further from the truth!

It was well said in the movie, The Case for Christ (based on the book of the same title by Lee Strobel) when Lee states that, “hopeful thinking weakens your argument.” He goes on to say, “The fact that I benefit from gravity isn’t proof that it’s real just like my dislike of mosquitos isn’t an argument against their existence…what I want and what I don’t want has no impact on truth.” I agree.

Just because talking with God provides me with a sense of peace I don’t find anywhere else does not have any influence on whether God exists or not. (tweet this)

The truth is God is real.

That believing in Him and believing Him provides me with an inner joy is in-coincidental. God has been faithful to me. I am overjoyed that I gave my heart to Him in those distressing years. Now that the crisis is in the past, I can still enjoy my love relationship with Him in these joy-filled years.

Has your relationship with God changed because of dark times?


BEEP – Believing that exercise is to the body what prayer is to the spirit and healthy eating is to the body what bible study is to the spirit.

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