The All-Access Pass That Changed My Life

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The All-Access Pass That Changed My Life

Photo by Jeffrey Blum on Unsplash

We ascended 306 feet to the highest peak in Canada’s Wonderland. Then faced a steep 80-degree drop before racing down the track at speeds up to 92 miles an hour.

The ride took under four minutes. It took me a little longer to catch my breath.

But my son wanted to go again. And again.

The amusement park offered a wristband that allowed us to bypass the regular lines. The exclusive pass cost more than our park admission!

I wanted to give my son a day to remember. I wanted to spoil him.

I forked over the cash and strapped on our wristbands to face the terror of the Leviathan Rollercoaster over and over again.

I will never forget the rush of adrenaline, the laughter of my son, and the great pleasure I took in his happiness.

The “fast lane” pass cost me more than I budgeted. But it was totally worth it.

Such exclusive passes are available at amusement parks, theatres, and concerts. They allow the bearer access to restricted areas.

That was my only experience with such a pass. Physically, that is.

I’ve also received an all-access pass — spiritually.

As a Christian, Jesus paid the price for me to have an all-access pass to God.

By giving His life up on the cross, God allowed me to enter into His Presence. I can have direct contact with God, a more personal connection with Him.

Before Christ died, the veil in the temple separated the Holy of Holies. Only the priest could enter, and only once a year. Jesus’ blood removed the barrier to entering God’s presence. With the veil torn, I have direct access to God.

The amusement pass was valid for an entire day. But Jesus’ all-access pass will last for eternity.

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