A Moment in Time

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A Moment in Time
Pairings of Poems & Pictures

Do you love natural imagery and unrhymed poetry? Discover these pairings of poems and photographs that communicate images to penetrate your mind and heart.

Are you a fan of photo-literature? Do you like the combination of words and images? Are you looking to blend visual and verbal images? Kimberley Payne is a talented photographer and poet who shares her love of words and pictures to help you experience the blending of each to stir your soul.

A Moment in Time is a book of poems inspired by images from nature. The pairing of poetry and pictures shines a light on the cohesive combination of these two distinct art forms.

Kimberley shares three lines of words that illustrate and interplay with the photographs to add depth and context for your imaginative engagement. By reading these poems and looking at these photos of nature you’ll be inspired by the emotion of the moment and connection with nature.

In A Moment in Time you’ll discover:

  • Over 30 poems inspired by captivating photos from nature
  • Tightly linked connections between images and text
  • Short-form poetry and photographs that encourage each other
  • Independent yet interdependent connections between art forms
  • Simplistic descriptions and images of the seasons

A Moment in Time is visual poetry that demonstrates how the haiku poem comes closest to the shutter’s click.

If you like photos that inspire and poetry that resonates then you’ll love this book.

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