A Moment in Time

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Pairings of Poems & Pictures

A Moment in Time
Pairings of Poems & Pictures

Do you love natural imagery and unrhymed poetry? Discover these pairings of poems and photographs that communicate images to penetrate your mind and heart.

Are you a fan of photo-literature? Do you like the combination of words and images? Are you looking to blend visual and verbal images? Kimberley Payne is a talented photographer and poet who shares her love of words and pictures to help you experience the blending of each to stir your soul.

A Moment in Time is a book of poems inspired by images from nature. The pairing of poetry and pictures shines a light on the cohesive combination of these two distinct art forms.

Kimberley shares three lines of words that illustrate and interplay with the photographs to add depth and context for your imaginative engagement. By reading these poems and looking at these photos of nature you’ll be inspired by the emotion of the moment and connection with nature.

In A Moment in Time you’ll discover:

  • Over 30 poems inspired by captivating photos from nature
  • Tightly linked connections between images and text
  • Short-form poetry and photographs that encourage each other
  • Independent yet interdependent connections between art forms
  • Simplistic descriptions and images of the seasons

A Moment in Time is visual poetry that demonstrates how the haiku poem comes closest to the shutter’s click.

If you like photos that inspire and poetry that resonates then you’ll love this book.

Pairings of Poems & Pictures

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Customer Reviews

by Lisa J. Lickel
A Moment in Time is a contemplative, lyric invitation to take a deep breath, reorient yourself, and center down. Kimberley Payne invites you to examine and embrace the timelessness of growing things in spring, of the fragility of a spiderweb compared to a snowflake, and the secret behind the corner in the path you’ve never taken.
Payne’s book offers haiku poetry accompanying photos of everyday moments. A paragraph of text follows, short, emotion and sensory-laden passages reacting to the scene pictured. Sometimes pithy, sometimes sympathetic and always engaging, the author digs into a moment as a bite of your favorite dessert. Snapping turtles, she says, are frightening and adorable at various stages of growth; a quiet ride or walk on a path leads to contemplation of play of sunlight through leaves. Each season brings special delights and gifts. A favorite moment was the discovery of a footbridge over a stream in fall. A fresh snowfall in winter against an azure sky is picturesque. But most importantly, the author invites us to look at moments occasionally through someone else’s perspective.
Purely delightful, A Moment in Time is a wonderful gift book for a special person in your life. I read the ebook version and was thoroughly impressed at the quality.
A great walk through nature
by Mary Grace
This little book is a great walk through nature. The author has paired photos with haiku poems, as well as short explanations of where the photo was taken and what drew her to capture the moment with pictures and words. Enjoyable.
I love the pairing of haiku and imagery
by TKrauss
I genuinely enjoy the simplicity and beauty of haiku as an art form, so this little book was a lovely surprise! The photos are beautiful and I like the division between the seasons. I also appreciated the short explanation that went with each pairing of poetry and photo because it put it in context and I could see a glimpse into the author’s mindset. A lovely little book that is easy to read in snippets or in one sitting with a cup of tea!
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