ABCs of Psalms

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ABCs of Psalms book cover

ABCs of Psalms
Learn God’s Word through these ABC Bible Verses

Do you want to memorize the Psalms? Discover these ABC Bible Verses to learn God’s Word.

Are you looking to dig more into your Bible? Do you want to read the Bible and memorize what it says? Have you wanted to pray scripture? Kimberley Payne believes in cultivating the habit of Bible study and hiding God’s Word in your heart.

ABCs of Psalms is a book that organizes a short passage from the Book of Psalms in alphabetical order. The author chose well-known verses from the ancient hymnbook of the Old Testament. By working through this book, you will gain a renewed mind, strengthened faith, and a more authentic prayer life.

In ABCs of Psalms, you will discover:

  • Simplistic and easy ways to memorize God’s Word
  • 26 well-loved verses that are a good length
  • Five creative ways to commit scripture to memory
  • Opportunities to pray scripture and put the verses into practice
  • Inspiration, comfort, and peace in times of need

ABCs of Psalms is perfect as a gift or for family readings. If you like resources that give you confidence in your faith, then you’ll love this book that focuses on memorizing scripture.

Buy ABCs of Psalms to start memorizing God’s Word today!

ABCs of Psalms book coverBuy the book


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