Animals in the Bible

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Learn About Animals While Exploring God’s WordAnimals in the Bible
Learn About Animals While Exploring God’s Word

Do you want to teach children about animals while encouraging faith in the Creator God? Discover creatures found in scripture along with their Bible stories.

Are you looking to inspire curiosity in children about animals and the Bible?  Do you want to teach young children animal facts while reinforcing scripture? Have you ever wanted to open your kids’ eyes to God’s awesome design all around them? Kimberley Payne aligns God’s word with God’s creatures in this collection of fun facts about the world of animals with a creationist framework.

Animals in the Bible looks at over 40 animals that are found in the Good Book. Each page contains a scripture reference, commentary on the verse, and facts about the animal. By reading this book you’ll learn educational and inspirational facts about God’s creation.

In Animals in the Bible you’ll discover:

  • Fun and fascinating facts about animals
  • Scriptural accounts where the animal is mentioned
  • A brief explanation of the scriptural background
  • Educational introduction to simple animal classifications
  • Black and white line drawings of wildlife

Animals in the Bible is a useful resource that integrates faith, science, language and art.

If you like a fun and unique way to learn about God’s creatures you’ll love this book combining animal studies with Bible teachings. Buy Animals in the Bible to inspire children to dig into their Bible to learn more today!

This engaging and instructive book is ideal for 6-to 9-year-olds, for home or school use and classroom sharing in Grades 1-3 to supplement the Life Sciences Curriculum on Animal Life.

A Glimpse Inside
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Learn About Animals While Exploring God’s WordBuy the Book*

Behind the Scenes
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Customer Reviews

A fun and engaging way to learn about animals and enrich spirituality in children
by Tracy Krauss
What a fun and engaging way to teach children about animals while also focusing on God’s creation and Biblical principles. It goes into some simple animal classification and then lists animals mentioned in the Bible in alphabetical order. The intention is to teach young children animal facts while reinforcing scripture and a love for creation. It would be useful for young children in a variety of settings: Sunday school, homeschool, or as a supplement. There is another book in the series on trees!

by Marta Aldrighetti
This book is fascinating, both for kids and adults. It explains the different types of animals: amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, reptiles. Then it explains the 4 classes of invertebrates: arachnids, insects, gastropods, worms. Jesus liked to make his point by telling stories or parables with animals.
Readers can learn from each of the 39 animals of the book, a saying and proverbs of the Bible and its meaning, a nice pic, curious info. Such as “Frogs cannot live in the sea or any saltwater,” or “Snails can sleep for three years.”
I received a copy of this book from the author through Interviews & Reviews.

Great Learning Resource for Children
by Leona J. Atkinson
I enjoyed reading this book about the Animals in the Bible. Though it is written for children, it has many interesting facts that adults will even learn and enjoy.
I liked how each page contained a scripture reference, commentary on the scripture and then facts about the animal. It seemed to be a very well thought out and researched book and I think it will appeal to children as well as adults.
My only disappointment was that there was not a picture of each animal included on each page. I think a small illustration of the animal on each page would have greatly enhanced the book.
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Full of biblical references and interesting facts
by Pamela Calverley
The graphics on the cover were adorable and immediately captured my attention. Each animal is introduced at the beginning of each page with a biblical reference. I never realized how many animals are actually in the bible! This would be a great book for children over 5 years old and would be useful in children’s ministry or Christian schools.

By Tiffany Wood
I bought this book for my son. He loves animals and there are some really cool facts about animals and it all relates back to the Bible, which is very clever, and interesting! Kimberley does a fantastic job educating children in a fun way while they learn about the Bible too. My son loved it, yours will too.

By Rachel Hunter
Filled with so many awesome facts about animals and supported by Scripture verses!! So cool, my kids love learning about these animals and it helps them imagine the animal in the context of the Scripture verse…really effective in helping understand the imagery used in Scripture and makes it easier to explain to my kids. We love this book!

By Nicole
This is a really nice book. There are lots of interesting facts about many different animals, nice pictures to color.

By Sheila Webster
This is a very engaging book for young children. It gives them fun facts about the world of animals with a creationist framework. Accessible enough for the early reader but engaging and stretching for those with a little more skill. I would highly recommend this for any young reader.

By Grace
I think this would make an excellent review book to go along with other resources. I really like the fact that it is based on a creationist worldview and links each featured animal to a Bible story. Having home schooled my children, I also appreciate the fact that the original purchaser is given permission to make copies for teaching purposes. I hope I can use this book when my grandchildren get a little older. Disclaimer: I received a pdf copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

By Carol Round
What a delightful book to help children learn about God’s creatures! With illustrations to color, scripture and fascinating facts about animals, children will have fun while learning. From ants to worms, children will not only find the facts interesting, some will even make them giggle. At the same time, they are learning how creative God is that he would make so many animals with distinct characteristics. Excellent resource for home schooling or school use. Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

By Brenda Wood
I learned so much from Kimberley Payne’s new book for children. Your little ones will have the same experience. Payne lists interesting, little known facts about each of the Biblical animals and pairs that with appropriate Bible verses. Of course, Jan Cox adds visual beauty with her art work. A beautiful book indeed. ~ Brenda Wood, motivational speaker & author

By Violet Nesdoly
Perfect book to supplement a unit on animals.
The book begins with a simple explanation—this is a book about animals we’ll find in the Bible—and an invitation to get acquainted with them, as Adam did when he named them.

To help give kids categories for these many creatures, Payne includes the simplest of animal classifications, naming five families of invertebrates and four of invertebrates. She has also devised a symbol for each to help kids recognize them. For example, the symbol for Birds is a bird emerging from an egg, for Mammals a milk-filled baby bottle.

Thirty-nine two-page animal entries follow. A typical entry contains, on the first page:
– The verse in the Bible where the animal is mentioned.
– A brief explanation of what the verse means or its historical or regional setting.
– A Did you know? section with six facts about the animal.

The animals are presented alphabetically. Sometimes several animals from the same family appear in one entry (e.g. Lion, Cheetah and Leopard). Other entries are titled with the names of the animal in both sexes and when young and mature (e.g. Lamb, Ewe, Ram, Sheep).

What a fun way to study animals! Though not a thorough or complete animal study, it would be a great supplement to an animal unit in a Christian school, home school or even Sunday School setting.

Janis Cox’s line drawing coloring pages are a great invitation to break out the crayons and get to work.

Even parents and teachers are bound to come away knowing more about our fascinating creature neighbors. I discovered, for example:

Crickets hear through their front legs
Owls have three eyelids: one for blinking, one for sleeping, and one for keeping eyes clean
Slugs have green blood

I received the book as a gift from the author for the purpose of writing a review.

By Mary Hosmar
Let’s find out about some of the animals God created. What an excellent idea.
Kimberley Payne’s latest children’s book is crammed full of scientific facts about animals of all kinds. I learned a number of facts through reading this book. Each animal or animal group is connected to a Bible passage which is very briefly explained and has its own page of facts.

Looking at this book from an educator’s perspective, I am left wondering for which age group the book was written. The format is simplistic and would appeal to younger children. The pictures also cater to the young. Yet the language seems to be aimed at older children. Now there is nothing wrong with teaching young children to stretch their language skills. As a matter of fact, that’s a good thing.

However, regardless of the age of the child reading the book, it would be good for an adult to be present to expand on the ideas and facts presented.

I was also thrown off by the mix of fact within each animal groupings. For example, in the grouping with the rabbit, hare and coney one fact may be given for the rabbit, another for the hare, then back to the rabbit and on to the coney. For me, it would have been easier to follow if the facts for each animal came together rather than interspersed with the fact of other animals in that grouping. But, that could just be my learning style.

This work could be useful in an educational setting as a springboard for more research and exploration.
Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest evaluation and review.

By Glynis Belec
Creative, Fun and Thought-Provoking
Inquiring minds will love Kimberley Payne’s latest book in her Science and Faith Matters series. First, the delightful cover and inviting font drew me in immediately. The whole book is well laid out with consistent, simple pages of interesting information. This would be a great book to complement a homeschool nature study or a school science program where faith in Creator God is encouraged. I would have perhaps liked to see some more expanded facts, although there were some interesting points to ponder like how falcons don’t ascribe to the ‘3 second rule’ – as in they won’t retrieve food that has fallen to the ground. And did you know that hippos can sometimes grow teeth longer than one foot or how about that lizard with the third eye? Who knew?

I was a little unsure about the plural form of buffalo? The book offers it as buffalos – perhaps one of those argued rules of the English language. Also, I would actually prefer to see the whimsical artwork (by Jan Cox) either coloured or have it indicated on the cover that it is interactive and/or colouring book. I realize that invitation is on the back once the potential reader flips it over, but I think offering the invitation on the cover might be a better option.

That said, this is a delightful book filled with (as promised) fun facts about God’s creatures. I appreciated the focus on scripture and how Kimberley aligns God’s word with God’s creatures.

As I finished the book I felt a little like the stork as described in the book – performing an enthusiastic dance just for fun (and in celebration of Kimberley Payne’s lovely book!)

By Matthew D. Lorentzen
Another fine Biblically based science book
Did you know that an owl has 3 different eyelids for three different purposes?
How about the fact that a worm can have up to 5 hearts or that a spider’s legs fill up with blood? These are just some of the insanely interesting things you and your child can learn from this extraordinary work by Kimberley Payne. Here Payne continues her scriptural based book, which teaches science and animal facts while also pointing the reader to the scriptural accounts that the particular animal under discussion can be found. As much thought as was put into this book, and the research that it must have demanded, surely warrants an investigation by your family. Especially this is the case if you believe we can learn more about the Creator from his creation, which really to me appears to be the main purpose and thrust of this book. As the Bible says to the making of many books there is no end (Ecclesiastes 12:12) but this does not mean that many of these books are not worth the time and effort needed to involve ourselves with them.

By Laura Davis
A Perfect Mix of Science and Faith
This book by Canadian author Kimberley Payne is the second book in her series on Science and Faith Matters. This delightful children’s book is illustrated by author Janis Cox and is a perfect supplement for homeschoolers or kids that love science,

Kimberley looks at the creatures found in the Bible and gives children some incredible scientific facts about them. She then follows those facts up with Scripture references from the Bible on what God has to say about the many animals she has listed in this book. If your child is one who likes Did you know…? books, they’ll love this one. Included in the book are pictures to colour.

Yes, science and faith does matter because God created them both and the author has beautifully shown how the two go hand in hand. I only wish I had something like this when I homeschooled my kids. I give this book 5/5 stars!

By Eleanor Bertin
Fun and fascinating facts
Kimberley’s book is proof that God’s creation provides us with infinite play value! She’s found an animal mentioned in the Bible for almost every letter of the alphabet and offers a short, but sound explanation of the scriptural background for each reference. Janis Cox’s cute illustrations to colour make this a perfect activity book to take along on long trips or boring waits.

A sample of the fascinating facts: Donkeys can remember other donkeys they met 25 years earlier. Snakes can fake death when threatened. And for kids who can’t resist those juicy morsels of fact with an ewww appeal, camel’s urine is syrup thick and vultures urinate on their legs to keep cool. Who knew?

Just a minor quibble, the author equates hyraxes with badgers while my encyclopedia does not. But I suspect there’s an uncertainty in the biblical translation of the Hebrew word used.
(I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.)

By Believer
A Storehouse of Fun
Written by Kimberley Payne and illustrated by Janis Cox this book is a delightful and entertaining book rich in educational and inspirational facts about God’s Creation. Each page is laced with interesting details about an animal in addition to a biblical reference, but this is only the start of the fun because there’s a picture to colour.

As a Sunday School teacher I love the wealth of information it provides for 6-9 year olds. I treasure the strong messages it sends not only about science and faith, but about animals being God’s work of art on earth. I especially like the cover with its warm, colourful and child-friendly illustration of animals. Kudos to Kimberley and Janis for a beautifully crafted book.

By Amazon Customer
A Fun Book for Kids
This is a fun book for kids, combining animal studies with Bible teachings. It is sure to inspire curiosity both about the varied animals, and the Bible itself. Lots of interesting and unusual facts about each animal/creature are presented in easy reading style. This should make a useful tool for parents or teachers of early grade students, or a nice gift for the young reader to explore on his/her own. Suitable for young children of school age. Also available is a free e book with related fun crafts. — Disclosure: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for this honest review.

By Mandolin girl
A great book for children who love science and animals
Author Kimberley Payne has done a thorough job of researching the animal kingdom and combining it with scripture and biblical stories. This book has many fascinating facts about animals and is laid our in a very organized manner with pictures to color. Because the pictures are simple this might be a good book for children in the early years but they may need some help with the text- best read with a parent.

By Michelle Dennis Evans
Hours of fun!
This is a great book loaded with fascinating facts.
I plan to use this book in our home school program as it integrates faith, science, language and art.
My kids love it – there is much information in it, our 12 year old couldn’t get through it in one sitting.

By Kindle Customer
Great resources for kids who love science
I read some interesting facts about animals that I never realized before in this book and I think it’s a useful resource, especially if you are homeschooling. Some of the graphics are adorable. I only received the e-book copy but I think kids will enjoy the paperback even more.
Caveat: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

By Melanie Fischer
Brilliantly interactive children’s book!
This children’s book cleverly ties in scripture, so not only does it teach the inquisitive child about God’s creations, but also about God’s word.
Likely most appropriate for children in mid-elementary.
I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

By Dana
Unique, educational, and fun
We love this book! When we read the Bible, it’s too easy to gloss over references to nature and wildlife. Beyond the creation account and the story of Noah, we’re not fully aware of the role that wildlife plays in the overarching narrative of God’s word.

This book puts God’s creation on full display. It drives my primary-age son to search his Bible for the animals of interest to him, which helps him learn the books of the Bible, as well as the literal and metaphorical role the animals play.

The table of contents is excellent and gets my son excited about finding the animals in Scripture. Looking at the list, it’s amazing to see just how many different animals are mentioned: from ants and apes to hyenas, ostriches, spiders, and many more. It’s a substantially sized book, featuring pictures to colour, fun facts about each animal, Scripture passages, and brief explanations of why each animal is mentioned in the passage.

In a nutshell, I love the concept behind this book. It’s unique, educational, and fun. We love it.

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