Animals in the Bible: Craft Book

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Animals in the Bible: Craft Book

Animals in the Bible: Craft Book
Super Simple Animal Crafts for Kids

Are you looking for fun arts and craft ideas? Discover creative and easy ways to make animal crafts.

Are you looking to inspire curiosity in children about animals? Do you want to spend quality time with a little person? Have you ever wanted to keep your kids off their screens? Kimberley Payne is a mother and grandmother who believes in building young people’s confidence and self-esteem while helping them to grow and develop.

Animals in the Bible: Craft Book offers directions to create over 30 animal crafts matching the animals found in Animals in the Bible: Learn About Animals While Exploring God’s Word. By creating these crafts you’ll help your child develop fine motor skills, self-regulation, and creativity skills.

In Animals in the Bible: Craft Book you and your child will discover:

  • Clear directions and pictures to engage young people
  • Enhanced fine motor skills as kids paint, colour, glue, and cut
  • Improved pattern recognition
  • Enriched concentration and organizational skills
  • A sense of achievement and pride in your little one’s work

Animals in the Bible: Craft Book is a useful resource that develops self-expression as kids try new ideas and problem-solve.

If you like a fun way to spend time with your children, then you’ll love this book of arts and crafts.

Buy Animals in the Bible: Craft Book to inspire children to develop lifelong skills today!

Animals in the Bible: Craft Book


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Customer Reviews

Cute characters
by Dennis A Crumrin
This will be a helpful book to get ideas for simple projects to do with your young kids. I like that the materials are all listed at the beginning, so you can be prepared. There are a lot of strange creatures in there which I think will be very entertaining to the kids as they put them together. I believe that some of these designs might be used to create edible things. With a little imagination you would be able to build some cakes, cupcakes, or cookies. Of course, the materials would have to be different. Happy crafting!

By Galia Tylman
It’s a pretty simple book. I worked through some of the projects with my 6-year-old nieces. I am NOT creative at all so the book was able to talk me through handling some simple art projects with stuff that we had at home.

By Dana Rongione
As a kindergarten teacher of nine years, I can tell you how difficult it is to find crafts that are not too difficult or expensive, especially when having to provide supplies for an entire classroom. Super Simple Animal Crafts lives up to its name. There are crafts for all ages. The directions are clear and precise. And the materials are typically everyday items like toilet paper rolls and construction paper. These crafts would serve as excellent activities to accompany a science lesson or even a Bible story. This book is a dream come true for parents and teachers alike!

By Lisa Lickel
Creating 30 different species of God’s creatures out of pipe cleaners, clothespins, googly eyes, paper plates and paint was never so much fun. Recommended to go along with the Vacation Bible School or even Sunday school Curriculum, Animals in the Bible, Kimberley Payne offers a fun-filled book of clear directions and pictures of easy-to-create animals, from Bizarre Bat to Fancy Fish using an old CD, to Handsome Horse and Wild Wolf built around a child’s footprint, a few simple supplies turns into an afternoon of fun at home or the babysitter or grandma’s house.

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