ABCs of Proverbs for Kids

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ABCs of Proverbs for Kids book cover

ABCs of Proverbs for Kids
Learn God’s Word through these ABC Bible Verses

Do you want to help your children memorize biblical Proverbs? Discover these ABC Bible Verses to encourage kids to learn God’s Word.

Are you looking to inspire your child to dig into their Bible? Do you want to teach kids the value of reading the Bible and memorizing what it says? Have you wanted to help children pray scripture? Kimberley Payne is a mother and grandmother who believes in cultivating the habit of Bible study in the next generation.

ABCs of Proverbs is a book that organizes a short passage from the Book of Proverbs in alphabetical order so that children can learn scripture while also learning the alphabet. The author chose well-known verses from the wisdom of the Old Testament. By working through this book, you will not only teach your child the alphabet but also teach them about memorizing and praying Bible verses.

In ABCs of Proverbs, you and your child will discover:

  • Simplistic and easy ways for kids to memorize God’s Word
  • 26 well-loved verses that are a good length for young children
  • Five creative ways to commit scripture to memory
  • Opportunities to pray scripture and put the verses into practice
  • A great learning tool for letter recognition and scripture

ABCs of Proverbs is perfect as a gift, for Sunday school, homeschool, Christian daycare or family readings.

If you like resources that encourage young ones to dive into their Bible, then you’ll love this book that focuses on memorizing scripture.  Buy ABCs of Proverbs to foster a love of God’s Word today!

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Customer Reviews

By Marta Aldrighetti
From each book, you can learn interesting things. This book is short, but full of knowledge. It is for kids, as the title tells you, but I also recommend it for adults. It is a list from A to Z, but it isn’t boring. The cover is simple, nice, and colored, and it catches my eye. Good job! The proverbs in the book are from the Bible, but this doesn’t allow you to influence the reading. I love proverbs very much! When I was a child, I wrote local proverbs into a book. What a treasure!
I received a complimentary copy from the author through Interviews & Reviews for my honest opinion.

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